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Grave Ritual – Morbid Throne (Dark Descent)

Bestial. Primitive. Morbid. No, not a description of my sex life (….although) but an accurate summary of this cracker from Grave Ritual. If you’ve not heard of the band before, they formed in 2009 after Ryan (vocals / guitar)  &… Continue Reading →

Vorage – S/T (Hellthrasher)

Who was responsible for the phrase “metal of death” which seems to be getting bandied around more and more at the moment? The way I look at it this is the death metal equivalent of ‘orthodox black metal,’ it’s pretty… Continue Reading →

Kult Of Taurus – Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence (Forever Plagued)

What I know about the Greek BM scene wouldn’t fill a fleas codpiece, so whether or not Kult Of Taurus’ 2nd full-length album ‘Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence’, is a true representation of the “Hellenic” black metal sound is hard… Continue Reading →

Nocternity – Harps Of The Ancient Temples (Iron Bonehead)

“At long last, one of the most anticipated black metal albums of the past decade arrives” decrees the PR blurb that accompanied this album for Greek band Nocternity. Hmmm that’s for me to be the judge of I thought but… Continue Reading →

Morgon – Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere (Terror From Hell)

Not to be confused with the German blackened death outlet of the same name, French trio Morgon have resurrected their 2012 self-released album ‘Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere’ via Terror From Hell Records and the result is as deadly as it seems. With… Continue Reading →

Burial Hordes – Incendium (Hellthrasher Productions)

I must admit, being sent underground metal albums to review is great. Partly because of laziness (I don’t have to leave my house to see brand new albums), and partly because, quite often it’s a voyage of discovery about all… Continue Reading →

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