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De Profundis

Formicarius – Rending The Veil Of Flesh (Schwarzdorn)

Billed as “the new nobility of British black metal”, Formicarius appear to be suffering an identity crisis. Rising from the ashes of proggy fantasists Phyrexia in 2014, their debut album “Black Mass Ritual” gained the band attention with its symphonic… Continue Reading →

Vltimas, Fen & De Profundis – London Underworld 21/6/19

There has been plenty to entertain today and firstly we are all amused no end of a certain band of wimps and posers crying and throwing toys out of prams in France. There’s plenty more excitement from those on the… Continue Reading →

De Profundis – The Binding Light Of Faith (Transcending Obscurity)

When I saw De Profundis’ latest offering on the review list, I was keen to secure the beast as I had been a fan of their work for a few years now. Having been witness to their brutality and clinical… Continue Reading →

Formicarius – Black Mass Ritual (Schwarzdorn Productions)

Formicarius were first embraced by the Black metal world when they released their initial majestic, dark, symphonic single, namely “lake of the dead”. Since then they have formulated and finalised a full length offering, “Black Mass Ritual”, which is due… Continue Reading →

Taake, Winterfylleth & De Profundis – London Dome 7/4/17

The madness never stops. England seems to have never had it quite so good with shows at the moment. Leeds looks like the place to really be at the weekend with Ritual Fest happening but there’s stacks of bands in… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – The Venue Selby 16-17/9/16 Day 2

Day 2 Day two of Warhorns dawned and my merry little band were still trying to figure out what the hell Whispered had been all about, but arrived with a pleasant number of others in time to catch first band… Continue Reading →

Gorgoroth, Kampfar, Gehenna, De Profundis and The Negation – London Dome 11/12/16

This one has a right solid line-up and it is well worth getting down for early doors to catch 1st band on tonight The Negation from France. There may not be loads in yet to witness the band but they… Continue Reading →

De Profundis – Kingdom of the Blind (Wickerman)

De Profundis are a UK band who completely bypassed me having formed about the same time I left there for life on the continent in 2005. Apparently starting out devoted to doom, these Londoners have since evolved into more of… Continue Reading →

Enslaved, Grand Magus & De Profundis – London Islington Academy 24/9/15

It’s early doors tonight but still a healthy amount of people in the venue to witness London based openers De Profundis. They don’t have time to play too much and have to dispense on something old but do have a… Continue Reading →

Incineration Festival – London Garage 10/5/14

  This new and highly anticipated festival catering for the extreme black and death metal audiences had been creating a lot of interest almost as soon as it was announced and with each new band getting added, the bill just… Continue Reading →

Marduk, Immolation & Supports – London Underworld 29/9/12

This was one of those mix it up and throw extreme black and death metal bands on a tour together kind of thangs. Whilst some moaned about not wanting to see all of the bands, as far as business sense… Continue Reading →

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