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David Lynch

Radare – Der Endless Dream (Golden Antenna)

Wiesbaden. Not the most exciting place on earth. Not today, at least. Fancy, though. And rich. The German town used to be very famous for its hot springs, and for being a bathing and gambling place. It was once called… Continue Reading →

The Neon Demon – Nicolas Winding Refn (Icon)

Danish director Winding Refn started off on the very mean streets of his home country with the ‘Pusher’ trilogy and ‘Bleeder’. Making Copenhagen into a Copenhell these violent and gritty thrillers were not without a sense of humour and pitted… Continue Reading →

Raw – From the First Glass to the Grave (Aural)

When I saw the band was called Raw and they write songs titled Death waltz and Chopped Em Up I was expecting loud raging death metal. Thank fuck that is not what I got. Raw are a two piece from… Continue Reading →

Yurei – Night Vision (Adversum)

“Yurei returns with a work venturing further into the weird”. This work of unlimited psychological self-expression and arguable insanity from the Norwegian artist Bjeima introduces a “parade of Dali-like creatures of the night: twisted, progressive, Lynchian tracks with hectic Balkan-inspired… Continue Reading →

Interview – Wound (2010) director David Blyth

 Wound is a film I recently reviewed on this site; an independent film from New Zealand that can best be described as psychological surrealist art-horror. It’s a film that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers, and thankfully director… Continue Reading →

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