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Rabid – David Cronenberg (101 Films)

What a great time to be a film collector. Mind you if you are of a certain age it is remarkable to count up how many times you may have spent money on a film over the years. If you… Continue Reading →

eXistenZ – David Cronenberg (101 Films)

A true auteur and one of the great visionary directors of our time, David Cronenberg’s career has been incredibly interesting to say the least. Although his films are really varied in some ways, as we will discover here they are… Continue Reading →

The Void – Jamie Gillespie & Steven Kostanski (Signature Entertainment)

Although there’s no shortage of modern day horror films and the genre is fairly healthy I am sure many of us who lived through the golden era (the 80’s for me) find themselves a bit jaded with all the remakes… Continue Reading →

The Neon Demon – Nicolas Winding Refn (Icon)

Danish director Winding Refn started off on the very mean streets of his home country with the ‘Pusher’ trilogy and ‘Bleeder’. Making Copenhagen into a Copenhell these violent and gritty thrillers were not without a sense of humour and pitted… Continue Reading →

William S Burroughs – Let Me Hang You (Ernest Jenning Record Co / Khannibalism)

The posthumous auteur of this should really need no introduction. Author, seer, underground anti-hero, counter-culturist, satirist, sexual deviant, junkie, film-star, wife killer; well he has been referred to as many different things to many different people, most of them true…. Continue Reading →

Rabid – David Cronenberg (Arrow)

After confusing and confounding those that managed to see his experimental shorts ‘Stereo’ and ‘Crimes Of The Future’ David Cronenberg caught attention with his first full length feature Shivers in 1975. From there his creative juices really flowed with films… Continue Reading →

Shivers – David Cronenberg (Arrow)

This is pretty much where it all started for me, Shivers was one of the very first extreme horror films I ever viewed and it’s got a lot to answer for. Firstly it set the path for a near obsession… Continue Reading →

Score – Radley Metzger (Arrow)

The third feature in the Arrow Radley Metzger Collection Score was made in 1974 directly before he went into more explicit films such as ‘The Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann’ (under the name of Henry Paris) the following year. This… Continue Reading →

Modified – Paul Cotrulia (Event Films)

We received an invite to the world premier of this new British Indie movie in Leicester Square. Sure it was only the Prince Charles but out of acorns… The film looked intriguing and it would have been rude not to… Continue Reading →

MURDER MOST REAL – Snuff-themed films to see before you die (in a damp basement at the hands of a deranged psycho with a super-8)

When it comes to modern film audiences, there is very little capable of shocking. Sure, you get the stray straight chick dragged in to watch Last House On The Left with her boyfriend who walks out in disgust, but by… Continue Reading →

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