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Caïna – Christ Clad In White Phosphorus (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

This UK based act helmed by Andy Curtis-Brignell have always been interesting and highly experimental. I remember the near neo-folk acoustic lushness of 2008 album ‘Temporary Antennae’ being a challenging listen with many ideas flowing through it. Fast forward to… Continue Reading →

Remain In Silence – …And The Soul Goes On (MIG)

The two cold-wave pioneers who are comprised of A. Buchwald (guitars) and A. Gimpel (vocals) have apparently been around since 1983. Classic they may well be but for me the journey starts here as I have to admit to never… Continue Reading →

Dperd – V (My Kingdom)

Dperd are an enigma. In a time of internet saturation they almost don’t exist. I used a popular search engine that rhymes with floogle to research them and came up with nothing, nada . Just a suggestion that I meant… Continue Reading →

Braindance – Master Of Disguise (Dr Music)

There’s a lot to digest here and that is not surprising as this album has apparently been a decade in the making. First we linger on the strange embossed sigils (taken apparently from over 60 alphabets) on the album artwork… Continue Reading →

GOLD – No Image (Vàn)

GOLD’s mission statement is to “play a distinct form of heavy rock as a monument to civilisation’s decline”. This follow-up to their first album “Interbellum” is much more than heavy rock. “No Image” should really be called “A Multitude of… Continue Reading →

Mekigah – Litost (Aesthetic Death)

Always one for the unusual, I was immediately intrigued by the promise of symphonic, experimental, horror soundtrack enthused ambient, darkwave doom. A bit of research told me that Mekigah is basically the work of one Australian called Vis Ortis. “Litost”… Continue Reading →

Pronoise – The Border Crossing (SR)

I so often come into this stuff with high hopes of a revelatory experience. When I say ‘this stuff’ I’m referring to pretty much everything that you could include in a massive cross section of sound from Joy Division to… Continue Reading →

The Monolith Deathcult – Bloodcvlts (Season Of Mist)

Tetragrammaton, the last full length from these Dutch chaps changed the way I looked at Death Metal. Their bombastic approach and use of a cinematic feel, coupled with Optimus Prime (not a Transformers geek at all but the guy has… Continue Reading →

Ecnephias – S/T (My Kingdom Music)

While this may be the fifth album by this Italian outfit, this is my first encounter with them and I’m surprised by how much they sound like a South African band I knew comprised primarily of Italians. Mancan has the… Continue Reading →

Black Mare – Field Of The Host (Human Jigsaw)

Here’s an odd one for me: Black Mare is basically a solo vehicle for Sera Timms, bassist and vocalist with Ides Of Gemini and the (I think defunct) Black Math Horseman. And from my limited acquaintance, it’s unlike either. This… Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Perfection – Til Death (Metropolis)

I have seen the name of this lot plenty of times as far as on the live front is concerned and indeed note they have a headlining show at the London Underworld on the 20th of February with Faderhead. Plug… Continue Reading →

Disappears – Era (Kranky)

Disappears get reviewed by the likes of Mojo which is not the case with many other bands I review I suspect. Strangely this snippet of PR info fills me with unease and my hipster bone begins to ache in warning…. Continue Reading →

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