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Autokrator – S/T (Iron Bonehead)

Even we, the chosen few, the metal fans of dark, extreme material, even we still sometimes stop and wonder what on earth that racket is coming from the stereo. If only for a few seconds, at least. And so ‘twas… Continue Reading →

Darkspace – III I (Avantgarde)

Ahh Darkspace. This is one release I’d be waiting on for a very long time (since their last album ‘III’ in 2008, in fact), and finally here it is in all its glory. For those who are unaware, Darkspace are… Continue Reading →

Thou Shell of Death – Sepulchral Silence (Talheim Record)

Estonian black metal described as a mix between Darkspace and Summoning – big names and truth be told, that’s pretty much what we get with this esoteric three-piece. At least on the surface anyway. Big washes of warm, spacey synths… Continue Reading →

Cult of Erinyes – Blessed Extinction (Code666)

One of the joys of music writing is to be blown away by an act you were previously completely unaware of – it doesn’t happen all that often but when it does, it somehow vindicates all the hours of trudging through… Continue Reading →

Mare Cognitum/Spectral Lore – Sol (I, Voidhanger)

And so we plunge boldly into the deepest reaches of space here courtesy of two one-man projects who very clearly have at least one eye set on the stars. ‘Sol’ is a conceptual 3 song split featuring one long track… Continue Reading →

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