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The Negative Bias – Narcissus Rising (ATMF)

I admire all attempts to evolve black metal – but appreciate that sometimes, the harder you try, the more unblack metal it’s gunna sound. That’s just the way it is. So, for example, there’s a big difference experimenting within the… Continue Reading →

RRAAUMM – The Eternal Dance At The Nucleus Of Time (Van)

An obscure artist, limited and already sold out in physical media of just 300 copies here from Van. The Eternal Dance… is our introduction to German atmospheric and ambient black metal entity RAAUMM. There’s very little chance of anything to… Continue Reading →

Starless Domain – Eos (Pacific Threnodies / Black Horizon)

The deep field black metal that defines the style of this album is a reference to vast cosmic scenes. This 58 minute, single track episode starts with old style furious black metal drumming, but this is the foil for a… Continue Reading →

Necandi Homines – Black Hole (Third I Rex)

I have not quite worked out whether it is deep space that Italian cult act Necandi Homines have been mining or the void beneath the crust of the earth but they have certainly dredged up some obsidian gold in their… Continue Reading →

Almyrkvi – Umbra (Ván)

What is even more shocking than Iceland’s recent rampant assault on the black metal scene (yes, we’re all still going on about it) is that it took so bloody long. I mean, sure Norway has the fjords and the mountains,… Continue Reading →

MRTVI – Negative Atonal Dissonance (Transcending Obscurity)

I’m always a bit suspicious of albums, which claim to be ground-breaking. In this case it’s a “ground-breaking album that defies conventions and bends perceptions. A twisted interpretation of black metal laced with ambient textures and unpredictable experimentation turns the… Continue Reading →

ColdWorld – Autumn (Cold Dimensions)

Such are the constant requests for reviewing stuff digitally, I almost missed this one. It was only when people including the band Darkspace were talking about it on social media that I went and had a look and found the… Continue Reading →

Titaan – Kadingir (ATMF)

Titaan’s ambitious debut is one of those releases that leaves me wondering what on earth else there is lurking between the cracks in the extreme music scene. On the one hand, it’s always an impressive risk when a band reaches… Continue Reading →

Stellar Master Elite – III Eternalism – The Psychospherical Chapter (Essential Purification Records)

The track “Stellar Master Elite” by Thorns was one that had a great impact on me when I first heard it on Moonfog 2000.  Here was a track that combined spiky frozen riffs with an industrialized tempo and those vocals!… Continue Reading →

Moon – Render Of The Veils (Moribund)

It’s all too easy for the kind of semi-ambient black metal that Aussie one-man-band Moon exhibits to melt into the grey and white landscapes from whence it came like static on a stormy night. Take some harsh guitars, repetitive riffs,… Continue Reading →

The Soviet Space Programme – Space Is Hell (S/R)

I am more than happy to be sent into space, the further the better and some may even say I permanently reside there.  This takes me nicely onto this doom, drone, ambient, noise project The Soviet Space Programme composed by… Continue Reading →

Midnight Odyssey – Shards of Silver Fade (I, Voidhanger)

Two hours, twenty minutes long. That’s what you’ll keep hearing in reference to ‘Shards of Silver Fade’ – two hours and twenty minutes. Yep, it’s a talking point – by anyone’s standards, this is a long, LONG old album and… Continue Reading →

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