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Dark Ambient

Raus / Perunwit – Under The Sign Of The Black Sun (Odium Records)

Here we have two bands both sharing one member and both containing Poles displaced and living in London. In the case of Raus this is their first recorded work whereas Perunwit are described as “legendary and the oldest Pagan band… Continue Reading →

Lethe – When Dreams Become Nightmares (Debemur Morti)

If you’re looking for seamless meeting of metal and electronica that’s just as suited to a Sunday morning as a Friday night, you may have just stumbled into the right place. When Dreams Become Nightmares is the band’s first platter… Continue Reading →

Neronoia – Sapore Di Luce E Di Pietra (Eibon)

I like a challenge, I always say that to our editor, and this album intrigued me with its short description on the review list with adjectives such as twisted, bleak, misery etc, thinking I was about to embark on a… Continue Reading →

Thränenkind – The Elk (Lifeforce Records)

The album art, a colourless, out-of-focus shack lost in a barren wasteland, should tip you off to the kind of music that lurks within. Thränenkind are just one of a batch of ambient hardcore bands that seem to be turning… Continue Reading →

The Vomit Arsonist – An Occasion For Death (Malignant Records)

Can you imagine being able to spew up liquid fire? That would be fantastic really although you would have to be so careful if you were going out on the piss. It’s one thing getting barred from the pub but… Continue Reading →

Goatcraft – All For Naught (Forbidden)

If you took one look at this album and had to guess, I reckon most of us would go for ‘old school black metal’ as the contents. An Ildjarn friendly racket? This however is actually, according to the PR, dark… Continue Reading →

From The Bogs Of Aughiska – Roots Of This Earth Within My Blood (Human Jigsaw Records)

Ah, now this is dark ambient indeed. Irish duo From The Bogs Of Aughiska continue their soul felt exploration of natural and rural Ireland with their second album, the follow up to their self titled debut. It is a slow,… Continue Reading →

Haiku Funeral – Nightmare Painting (Aesthetic Death)

Warning, very odd alert! Right I have been trying to wrap my head around the world of Haiku Funeral for a while now and really do not think I am anywhere near doing so but here goes for an attempt…. Continue Reading →

Karna – Nekronautica: Chronicles of Lost Souls (Spectral Halls)

As I mentioned in my review of [Coldstrain] on these pages, Russian black ambient sorcerers Karna are now no more. Despite this it appears that they managed to slip a final full length album ‘Circle Of Nav’ past me on… Continue Reading →

Goatpsalm – Erset La Tari (Aesthetic Death)

I would say here is something new and different from Aesthetic Death but frankly everything we get from this label is different and the acts they sign are all quite unique and at times unclassifiable. With Goatpsalm we take a… Continue Reading →

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