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Dark Ambient

Accurst – Messenger Of Shadows (Aesthetic Death)

Cyprus, a jewelled island loved by practitioners of package holidays, a place of sunshine and delight, full of pleasure seekers and ice cream munching children. Well that’s the image that I have in my head but you can banish it… Continue Reading →

Zeresh – Sigh for Sigh (999 Cuts)

Zeresh is a project from Tamar Singer, one half of Israel’s folk noir duo Cruel Wonders, whose ‘Gentle Doom’ album was released last year. An enchanting, but claustrophobic listen, ‘Gentle Doom’ had its folk sensibilities very much to the fore,… Continue Reading →

Tele s therion – Luzifers Abschied (Minotauro Records)

It has been a while since I last heard from the strange and sinister Tele s therion who are not in any way shape or form to be confused with the operatic, symphonic grandeur of their near namesakes. This is… Continue Reading →

Black Funeral – Ankou and the Death Fire (Iron Bonehead)

With all the hype and focus that has been centred onto USBM in recent years – the breakout of the so-called ‘Cascadian’ scene kickstarted by Weakling & Agalloch, then catapulted into the light by Wolves in the Throne Room, the… Continue Reading →

Twilight Fauna – Fire Of The Spirit (Fragile Branch Recordings)

Twilight Fauna is a fine name for an atmospheric black metal band, but perhaps a bit misleading when it comes to the output of the project’s founder and driving force Paul Ravenwood. A band name which, for me at least,… Continue Reading →

Haiku Funeral – Hallucinations (Aesthetic Death)

Last firing a shot across our bows back in 2012 when they delivered their ‘Nightmare Painting’ French / Bulgarian act Haiku Funeral really did strange things with my head. I described said album as “one for dreamers who are keen… Continue Reading →

Goatpsalm – Downstream (Aesthetic Death)

We have not heard anything from Goatpsalm since 2012 release ‘Erset La Tari,’ a ritualistic and dark ambient exercise that took us into the crypt-like tombs of ancient civilisations. At the time we were not even privy to who these… Continue Reading →

Spektr – The Art To Disappear (Agonia)

…First review of 2016, and what better way to blast away the festering cobwebs of several weeks of enforced joy, than with 40 minutes of searing ambient/industrial black metal, courtesy of two mysterious blokes from France. ‘The Art To Disappear’… Continue Reading →

Author & Punisher, Treha Sektori, Shitwife – London The Underworld 20/1/16

One-man industrial doom metal act, Author & Punisher, hit the The Underworld on a suitably foggy Wednesday night, bringing France’s Treha Sektori and local lads, Shitwife, into the mix of the second evening of a 16-date European tour. Original opening… Continue Reading →

Amber Asylum – Sin Eater (Prophecy)

My acquaintance with the Amber Asylum collective goes right back to their Frozen In Amber debut from the days when Terrorizer often reviewed such off the beaten path music as this, Diamanda Galas or weird Estonian early music groups playing… Continue Reading →

Wilt – Moving Monoliths (Bindrune)

Upon forming, back in 2010, Winnipeg’s Wilt’s original intention was to create a black metal studio-only project. Since, the duo of guitarist Brett Goodchild and vocalist Jordan Dorge have assembled a full lineup and have started hitting the festival circuit… Continue Reading →

Draugurinn – Isavetur (Nordvis)

Sweden’s Nordvis continues to defy convention by releasing an ever-more eclectic roster of musical genres, yet managing to ensure that there is a consistency in tone, ambience and atmosphere – and that atmosphere is always cold. Convincingly, undeniable Scandinavian cold…. Continue Reading →

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