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Witherscape – The Northern Sanctuary (Century Media)

Anyone who read my review of Witherscape’s debut (rattling around elsewhere on Ave Noctum) knows the respect I already had for Dan Swanö as a musician, vocalist, producer and all-round smart-arse, but it was on that debut that he teamed… Continue Reading →

Witherscape – The New Tomorrow (Century Media)

I picked up Witherscape’s first album ‘The Inheritance’ on an old fashioned whim after seeing it in an independent record shop (one of the few that remain), and then being drawn in by the cover, the suggestion on the cover… Continue Reading →

Deserted Fear – Kingdom Of Worms (FDA Rekotz)

First introduced to me in 2012 via the debut “My Empire” it captured the very essence of death metal and I mean death metal as a whole, not old school, not Swedeath (though I did reference that in my review… Continue Reading →

Gluttony – Beyond the Veil of Flesh (Vic)

Formed in 2009 and featuring a number of musicians from Swedish deathsters My Own Grave, Gluttony entered into existence purely to make Swedish death metal as it “sounded back in the day”. A less than novel objective in this day… Continue Reading →

Rogash – Supremacy Undone (War Anthem)

No, this isn’t an abbreviated form of famous, aromatic lamb curry but rather a new death metal band from Germany. With a press release mentioning influences such as Spawn Of Possession, Suffocation and Dismember (all with a modern twist) I… Continue Reading →

For Many Reasons – Make Your Own (Great Dane)

A heavy, dark and ethereal atmosphere is promised. “Make Your Own” is the second album release by this French extreme and post death metal band. The production is by Dan Swanö. The result is a powerful and lively combination, full… Continue Reading →

Revel In Flesh – Manifested Darkness (FDA Rekotz)

Last years ‘Deathevokation’ debut from German death metallers Revel In Flesh was a cool effort in the Swedeath styled sound. Far from them being overtly observed as a tribute band, Revel In Flesh have a modern momentum based on a… Continue Reading →

Fractal Gates – Beyond The Self (Great Dane Records)

Melodic death metal is often maligned these days but nevertheless always feels as if it could just be on the cusp of greatness. Like a surge of power metal exuberance meets death metal’s fearsome intensity and wizardry. What could possibly… Continue Reading →

Fragments Of Unbecoming – ‘The Art of Coming Apart’ (Cyclone Empire)

These German fellows have been around since 2000, rather surprisingly. I say surprisingly because although the name rings a tiny bell somewhere in my head, ‘The Art of Coming Apart’ is my first actual encounter with the band. To herald… Continue Reading →

Deserted Fear – My Empire (FDA Rekotz)

The renowned Dan Swanö has mixed and mastered this old school death metal album at Unisound so the sound is top rate, gnarly and drenched in gooey bass and drum slime from the off, which eventually starts with “The Battalion… Continue Reading →

Circle Of Chaos – Twoheaded Serpent (SR)

Sweden and death metal are probably part of Swedish folklore by now as the two have been integrally linked together for well over 25 years now. So much so that I suspect any aspiring death metal band wanting to capture… Continue Reading →

Evadne – The Shortest Way (Solitude Productions)

Grey and greyer. That’s a description of the Katatonian cover sleeve of Spanish band Evadne’s second album release, and with track titles like “Dreams in Monochrome” you just know it’s not going to be a whole lot of fun. But… Continue Reading →

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