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Thicko – The Beginning Is Nigh (S/R)

Can I trouble you to listen to a 10-minute party political broadcast courtesy of the right dishonourable Paul Catten and Paul Kenney? Well yes of course you can and if you are looking for something to play at any canvassers… Continue Reading →

Dispyt – Livsglädje (Elitbolaget)

Dis pyt, dat pyt, any pyt this lot play near is likely to result in a neck wrecked and a pile of bodies on the floor. Puns aside this is serious and full on crust punk from Finland and although… Continue Reading →

Halshug – Drom (Southern Lord)

Back in the day, when all was well with the world, and all that mattered was the next Death gig, or a new Megadeth t-shirt or having enough money to get the bus to school and have enough left over… Continue Reading →

Turbocharged – Above Lords, Below Earth (GFY Productions)

Sweden’s Turbocharged have been on the periphery of my extreme metal radar for a number of years but I have never really got round to delving into their back catalogue fully so I opted to take this album on for… Continue Reading →

Martyrdöd – Hexhammaren (Century Media)

In a genre with a blueprint as regimented as crust punk/d-beat’s, it’s difficult to see how after 18 years a band with these foundations could continue to keep things fresh, however, here are Martyrdöd doing just that. Returning from the… Continue Reading →

Paranoid – Heavy Mental Fuck Up (The Sign)

Bands of this ilk are the reason I hurt my arm and damaged my pride 2 weeks ago. I am a portly man of 45 years who still cannot get past the idea that I cannot ride a skateboard. As… Continue Reading →

Panzer Squad – Ruins (Testimony Records)

Teutonic threesome Panzer Squad began in 2012 and “Ruins” is their second full length release, following 2016’s “Coming to your Town”.  Heavy Metal’s preoccupation with the machines of War is understandable. Death contraptions of steel and iron that destroy and terrorize… Continue Reading →

Wolfbrigade – Run with the Hunted (Southern Lord)

Sweden’s lycanthro-punk legends return after five years with the release of their 9th album (6th under the name Wolfbrigade), ‘Run with the Hunted’. Wolfbrigade have had a colourful history; starting out as Wolfpack, the band eventually changed monikers to avoid… Continue Reading →

Wound – Engrained (FDA Rekotz)

It’s sophomore time for Germany’s Wound, and they hit the nail on the head with ‘Engrained’, a potent mix of black and death metal, with enough traditional styling and spot-on production to satisfy everyone. Following on from 2013’s ‘Inhale The… Continue Reading →

Parasit – A Proud Tradition of Stupidity (Cyclone Empire)

With recent releases by Extreme Noise Terror and Discharge – both blinding albums GO GET EM! – I was itching to get my ears around this bunch of brutality from Swedish D Beat Crusties Parasit. The band, formed in 2010… Continue Reading →

Discharge – End Of Days (Nuclear Blast)

So 40 years of punk eh? What a crock of shit all the “celebrations” have been to commemorate it all. Punk was never met to be acceptable and the people behind it were never supposed to be accepted by the… Continue Reading →

Down Among The Dead Men – Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy! (Cyclone Empire)

Here’s a question you don’t often find yourself being asked at the beginning of an album review… you like Dr. Who? I do / did. It all sort of fizzled out for me during Peter Davidson’s tenure…..oh Tegan….. you saucy… Continue Reading →

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