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Abnormal Thought Patterns – Altered States of Consciousness (Lifeforce)

The Tipton brothers, who I know for their involvement with Zero Hour and Cynthesis as well as their previous work with Abnormal Thought Patterns, have brought some friends along for their latest hyper technical prog adventure. Probably the most known… Continue Reading →

Theater of the Absurd – The Myth of Sisyphus (Graviton Music)

Welcome to the progressive world of Theater of the Absurd. This US band has been plying their trade since 2006 and seeking to express themselves in a way which reflects their take on modern progressive music and life in general,… Continue Reading →

King Bathmat – Overcoming the Monster (Stereohead Records)

In the world of psychedelic and imaginative progressive rock, King Bathmat reigns supreme. That was the conclusion I reached after listening to “Truth Button”. Now, 6 months later, this English quartet is back with “Overcoming the Monster”. The monster, to… Continue Reading →

Abnormal Thought Patterns – Manipulation under Anesthesia (Lifeforce)

Ah, there’s a familiar strain here. Is that the technical prog wizardry of the Tipton brothers, they of Zero Hour and Cynthesis? It certainly is. There’s no nonsense here. I don’t have to worry about lyrics complementing or contrasting with… Continue Reading →

Playgrounded – Athens (Casket Music)

Let the progressive metal begin. “Athens” is about … Athens and the dead ends of modern Greece, where Playgrounded come from. This is not parochial however. Anyone can associate with this album. “Athens”, which starts with the title track, hit… Continue Reading →

King Bathmat – Truth Button (Stereohead Records)

I go along with the commonly held view that King Bathmat are impossible to place in one single category other than the all-embracing “progressive”. Their music is comfortingly familiar. “Truth Button”, King Bathmat’s sixth album, is like a relaxing river… Continue Reading →

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