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Mortiis- The Great Deceiver (Omnipresence)

Old pointy nose is back! Mortiis and friends return after a 5 year hiatus and he has even released a statement that the goblin mask is coming out of mothballs.  Good because this glorious electro industrial pop metal record deserves… Continue Reading →

PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – Pierce Their Husks (Sonic Hell Records)

Warning, rampaging insects invading the cyber industrial zone! It would appear that PreEmptive Strike 0.1 have a bit of an infatuation with the Robert Heinlein penned classic Starship Troopers. It could be this or any other 50s B Movie feature… Continue Reading →

Oestre – La Dernière Renaissance (Manitou Music)

Reinvented electronic metal is the description I read about the music of this band from France. Essentially this is lively modern metal with tributes paid to Meshuggah, Textures and unsurprisingly Oestre’s compatriots Gojira and Hacride. Industrial noises, thunderous roars and… Continue Reading →

Tartharia – X Years In Hell / Bleeding For The Devil (Phantom Pain)

Hailing from St Petersburg Russia Tartharia have been active over the last decade plus and released somewhere in the region of 9 CD’s, a DVD and have played over 200 shows. If like me they are not a band you… Continue Reading →

Calling Of Lorme – Pygmalion (SR)

Everything about this one looked a little on the strange side but we like it when that happens and we have something to decipher. The artwork hints at some sort of post-apocalyptic future, the band name is frankly odd although… Continue Reading →

Sybreed – God is an Automaton (Listenable Records)

To much fanfare comes “God is an Automaton”. This is Sybreed’s fourth album. With influences such as Fear Factory, Meshuggah, In Flames and Depeche Mode, their brand of music is termed “death wave”, which amounts to a mix of extreme… Continue Reading →

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