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Doombringer – Walpurgis Fires (Nuclear War Now)

Most people like their drive to work to be complemented by the radio or probably some album of an easy listening calibre. As one slogs into their daily job pre-coffee and possibly devoid of breakfast there is probably nothing they… Continue Reading →

Cultes Des Ghoules – Sinister (Hell’s Headbangers)

Sinister by name and sinister by nature, watch out the ghoules are back in town. If you have a certain song going round in your head after reading that line, wipe it out now. This lot are in no way… Continue Reading →

Medico Peste – Herzogian Darkness (W.T.C. Productions)

This form of pestilential darkness comes to us via Poland and a calibre of musicians who have been involved past and present, on and off stage with the likes of Old Woods Grave, Mgla, Clandestine Blaze and Mord A’Stigmata. Speaking… Continue Reading →

Cultes Des Ghoules – Coven, or Evil Ways Instead Of Love (Hells Headbangers)

Slithering and oozing out of Poland circa 2004, the strange and sinister Cultes Des Ghoules impressed with their first two albums Häxan (2008) and Henbane (2013). The latter was described as “dramatic horror fuelled black metal from a band who… Continue Reading →

Bestial Raids – Master Satan’s Witchery (Nuclear War Now)

I notice that Bestial Raids have two ex-members of Cultes des Ghoules in their ranks and that particular band have a new album coming soon and it’s very likely to be landing on my reviews list. Why they left the… Continue Reading →

THAW – Earth Ground (Witching Hour Productions)

When it comes to black metal, Poland are a country that really can’t go wrong; from the likes of Cultes Des Ghoules to Mgła, it seems they’re a nation that have perfected the art without paying too much homage to… Continue Reading →

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