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Schramm – Jorg Buttgereit (Arrow)

It’s odd how things become more acceptable as time goes by, especially in the film world where perhaps what occurs in real life makes the censorship of art seem less necessary. Still who would have thought that Jorg Buttgereit’s quartet… Continue Reading →

Flesh And Blood – Paul Verhoeven (Eureka)

Not the Pete Walker film, this is an entirely different type of Flesh And Blood Show and one that takes us right back to 1502 AD. The 80’s had seen a deluge of all things sword and sorcery and films… Continue Reading →

Crimson – Juan Fortuny (Black House)

I’m not sure why but I always thought of this film as being helmed under the directorship of Paul Naschy and it’s not really surprising due to his prolific stamp over Spanish cinema as both actor and director and indeed… Continue Reading →

Bride Of Re-Animator – Brian Yuzna (Arrow)

Dead things coming back to life may well be all de-rigueur in the present time, drenching TV screams with the likes of Walking Dead and Z-Nation and films such as Pride And Prejudice And Zombies and the forthcoming World War… Continue Reading →

Nekromantik 2 – Jörg Buttgereit (Arrow)

Please note images used to illustrate this article do not reflect the quality of the stunning transfer presented here by Arrow. Even when Arrow pulled off the unimaginable and released Nekromantik earlier this year the prospect of Nekromantik 2, its… Continue Reading →

Zardoz – John Boorman (Arrow)

The mid 70’s were a great time for experimentation and radical ideas and when you mixed dystopian fantasy and a shed load of psychedelic pharmaceuticals the results for film goers could often send them on a right old trip in… Continue Reading →

From Inside – John Bergin (Wienerworld)

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting to get out of ‘From Inside’ but I definitely got more than I bargained for from this animated feature, produced, directed, written and illustrated by John Bergin. The words I scrawled down… Continue Reading →

The Visitor – Giulio Paradisi (Arrow)

It’s not so common that I have the pleasure of watching a film of this kind from this era for the very first time but be assured The Visitor is anything but a common experience. I had been eyeing this… Continue Reading →

Mortuary Drape – Tolling 13 Knell (Peaceville)

I am sure everyone has a list of bands, no doubt a good ten or so that they think “I should have heard this lot, I need to and will no doubt like them but they have always escaped me.”… Continue Reading →

Von – Satanic Blood (Von Records)

Oh Von. Von, Von, Von – never in the history of  black metal has so much been said about so few who have released so little. Two demos released in 1991 and 1992 has been the grand sum of their… Continue Reading →

Interview – Sabbath Assembly

There is an undeniable interest in 70’s retro occult rock at the moment but you cannot really lump Sabbath Assembly in with that glut. Theirs is more ‘cult rock’ and the cult is one at the forefront of things and… Continue Reading →

Sabbath Assembly – Ye Are Gods (Svart)

There is more to this than mere music oh brethren, thee process is thee product and to get to the sound itself first we must embrace the ideology. So, Sabbath Assembly were formed in 2009 (and regrettably this scribe missed… Continue Reading →

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