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Cubanate – Kolossus (Armalyte Industries)

I’d been listening to <Pig> a few days before this dropped into the review lists so this seemed like a sign; same label and all. “Cubanate?!” I thought, “Are they still going?” Well, no, a return to the machine after… Continue Reading →

Marc Heal – The Hum (Armalyte Industries)

Ah Cubanate, remember them well. I still have 1st of the four albums they released Antimatter (1993) knocking around on cassette and caught them live on quite a few occasions. If their music doesn’t stick around particularly in your memory,… Continue Reading →

Concrete Lung – Subtract Nerve (Armalyte)

If you have your lungs full of concrete and know this industrial wrecking crew you are not going to want to rest on your laurels if you fancy picking up this their fourth release. It is available only in the… Continue Reading →

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