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Incinerate – Eradicating Terrestrial Species (Comatose Music)

Seven years on from the bands second album – ‘08s ‘Anatomize’ – Incinerate are back, filling our festering lug’oles with their brutal death metal. Now, seven years might not be a long time between records…..if you’re fucking Rush, but for… Continue Reading →

Nader Sadek – The Malefic: Chapter III (S/R)

It’s always interesting to see what multi international, extreme metal band Nader Sadek are going to come up with next. This is a group who change musicians and vocalists with each phase of their career and this time around replacing… Continue Reading →

Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution (Season Of Mist)

This Canadian band’s debut, “The Aura” hit me like a freight train when it hit my review pile in 2012 even though it had been released in 2011 by PRC Music. The version I had was a self released effort… Continue Reading →

Rage Nucléaire – Black Storm Of Violence (Season Of Mist)

I had the unholy pleasure of reviewing this Canadian band’s debut, “Unrelenting Fucking Hatred”, a couple of years ago elsewhere and was utterly annihilated by that albums unending homicidal objectives. “Black Storm Of Violence” is an appropriate album title as… Continue Reading →

Sectu – Nefarious (ViciSolum Productions)

Nefarious is one of those albums that just sounds special right from the very off, which is a pleasant surprise! Having given it a good while to soak in, and letting every nuance and punctuation fall into place, jigsaw-like, I… Continue Reading →

Archspire – The Lucid Collective (Season of Mist)

These Canadian technical death metal merchants began life in 2007 under the name Defenestrated; a name which I assume was influenced by the first Cryptopsy album. Shifting monicker to Archspire in 2009, the band eventually released its debut ‘All Shall… Continue Reading →

Re-Armed – Rottendam (Eternal Sound Records)

Who said that heavy metal has to be downtrodden and miserable? Well, no-one did, but these guys from Finland with the Swedish sound manage to bring cheeriness to a totally dark and extreme experience. From the vocalist’s “Welcome to Rottendam”… Continue Reading →

Kataklysm – Waiting For The End To Come (Nuclear Blast)

It’s been a few years since I caught up with Kataklysm, since 2004’s ‘Serenity In Fire’ in fact, although that’s not been a conscious decision to avoid them, just one of those cases where there are so many bands to… Continue Reading →

Nader Sadek – Living Flesh (Wienerworld)

There is a bit of a history to both this group and this release. Firstly this is a super-group of sorts put together by conceptual artist Nader Sadek who provides some vocals and samples as well as the ideas behind… Continue Reading →

Beyond Creation – The Aura (Season Of Mist)

Montreal maestros Beyond Creation’s album actually came out in 2011, has seen one subsequent self financed reissue which ultimately clinched a deal with French label Season Of Mist (what took you so long guys) whose roster reads as a who’s… Continue Reading →

The Amenta – Flesh is Heir (Listenable Records)

Having missed these Australian extremists playing with Obituary a few months back, I felt compelled to right that wrong by getting to grips with their new album. ‘Flesh is Heir’ is their third full-length in the space of nine years… Continue Reading →

Nader Sadek – Living Flesh (SR)

If ever there was an extreme metal “super-group”, this would be it. Nader Sadek produced the frankly stunning “In the Flesh” a couple of years ago, and this is the live presentation of that album. For those of you not… Continue Reading →

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