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Pro-Pain – Voice Of Rebellion (SPV)

Not sure what’s going on but I normally have a big review pile of stuff that I want to cover but of late absolutely nothing really has made me want to grab it and everything’s been a bit meh. Perhaps… Continue Reading →

Solanum / Epi-Demic – Passages To Lunacy (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

As I’ve stated before I like split releases a lot and this one is damn decent with two bands from Canada demonstrating their flair for punishing thrash metal and crossover music that is equal to most underground releases being put… Continue Reading →

Darkhaus – My Only Shelter (Oblivion / SPV)

Gary Meskil. Big. Bald. Bearded. Icon of hardcore/metal. Founder of Crumbsuckers and Pro-Pain. If you cut this dude he will bleed Noo Yawk subway grease. You know exactly what you get from this bruiser:- Euro dance pop rock. Yup. You… Continue Reading →

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