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Solanum – I.T.S.C (HPGD Productions)

When it comes to crossover, historically there seems to have been two approaches. Punks who beef up the riffs and get more metal or metallers who speed up the verses and get more hardcore. I usually preferred the former. Solanum… Continue Reading →

Negative Self – S/T (High Roller)

You wait months for a Swedish take on American crossover and then two ….yadda yadda. It seems only moments since I was getting all excited about Dr. Living Dead’s “Crush The Sublime Gods” album and now here is Negative Self… Continue Reading →

Solanum / Epi-Demic – Passages To Lunacy (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

As I’ve stated before I like split releases a lot and this one is damn decent with two bands from Canada demonstrating their flair for punishing thrash metal and crossover music that is equal to most underground releases being put… Continue Reading →

Dr Living Dead – Crush The Sublime Gods (Century Media)

Crossover. It’s not new. It’s not big. It’s not clever. But…….it’s fucking good fun. These Swedes play bandana wearin’, skateboard ridin’, nuclear waste huffin’, acid green thrashcore. These guys play in Skull masks with ST style bandanas.  You can call… Continue Reading →

Foreseen – Helsinki Savagery (20 Buck Spin)

This début by the Finnish quintet kicks right where it hurts and then does some foot stomping to add another tear to your eye. What they lack in finesse they more than make up for with pure aggression and a… Continue Reading →

Supertanker – Songs from the Ashes (Klonosphere)

Formed in 2007, French groove outfit Supertanker have teamed up with Klonosphere to get their first full length release out. Having released some EP’s which shown some promise, let’s see if this one measures up or if it really is… Continue Reading →

English Dogs – The Thing With Two Heads (Candlelight)

A very good album title, as The English Dogs are very much a band with two heads, with two different versions of them out there. Forming as a punk band in the early 80’s and playing with the likes of… Continue Reading →

Birth A.D. – I Blame You (Metal Age)

It’s often rather cool when you get band members doing something a bit different from their day job. Think about all those grizzled extreme metal heads who decide deep down that they just want to strip things back and rawk… Continue Reading →

Channel Zero – Kill All Kings (Metal Blade)

Channel Zero, one of the finest things to come out of Belgium after strong alcohol and chocolates are back with a brand new album. After calling it a day in 1997 and then reforming again in 2008 due to popular… Continue Reading →

Corrosion of Conformity – IX (Candlelight)

2014 is turning into a bit of a good year for veteran acts to produce work that is both true to their classic sound, and relevant to today; check out crushing new releases from the likes of Crowbar, Prong or… Continue Reading →

Power Trip – Manifest Decimation (Southern Lord)

“Steel, speed and destruction” is the summary given on Power Trip’s own page. Taking old school thrash metal values and combining them with punk hardcore seems to be about where this Texan band is at. Although I’m familiar with the… Continue Reading →

Pasadena Napalm Division – ST (Minus Head)

I first clashed heads with Pasadena Napalm Division on their P.N.D. EP back in 2010. Lot of fun it was too and I was glad to meet their acquaintance and all that malarkey. Not that they were all complete strangers… Continue Reading →

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