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Kevlar Bikini – OPT-OUTism (Geenger Records)

Although slightly late to this bikini party (story of my life), I really enjoyed this Croatian trio’s 3rd album Rants, Riffage And Rousing Rhythms released via Geenger Records back in 2018. Although not the sort of style that I would… Continue Reading →

Zimogroz – Old Mystic Lore (Geenger Records)

Hurtling into the melodic black metal sub-genre this fairly new Croatian act has penned a debut album that harks back to the origins of the genre but enhances all their songs with a quirkiness and atmosphere that few are able… Continue Reading →

Bednja – Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas (Transcending Obscurity)

Hardcore and punk are well established in the underground music scene of Croatia, black metal not so much. This has many reasons, one of them being that Croatia was and still is a less prosperous nation than those where black… Continue Reading →

Mgla – Zagreb Mochvara 6/9/19

With some honourable exceptions, black metal bands seem to be avoiding South-Eastern Europe. For no reason really, as the sold out Mgla show in Zagreb proves. There are clubs and individuals that are perfectly able to organize and promote the… Continue Reading →

From Another Mother – ATATOA (Kapitan Platte)

Indie Math rock. Three words that can spread panic and fear like “ It’s your kid” and “Blood in faeces” . Back packs, mad time signatures and moshing bans come to mind. “Is this music, is this art? Why is… Continue Reading →

Lightning Bolt – Zagreb, Mochvara, 26/01/2019

Do I need to introduce Lightning Bolt? Probably not. Or maybe just a little bit, in case you don’t know them. Well, then, here are the basics: Lightning Bolt are two guys from Providence, Rhode Island. They have been around… Continue Reading →

Kevlar Bikini – Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms (Geenger Records)

Grab a Kevlar Bikini, you too can look sexy in a war-zone and it’s guaranteed to confuse and distract your enemy! I can’t see such a fashion item catching on particularly but I am sure I have seen such accoutrements… Continue Reading →

Ex Eye and The Magickal Wow Band – KSET, Zagreb, Croatia, 16/4/18

Zagreb’s KSET, though not sold out, was nicely filled when Colin Stetson’s Ex Eye opened this year’s ZEZ Festival with a bang. Or a series of bangs, because Ex Eye’s drummer Greg Fox definitely attracted the most attention. Ex Eye… Continue Reading →

Seven That Spells – OMEGA (Sulatron Records)

Have you ever wondered what the surface of a space object might look like? Well, take a look at the video to the track Future Lords by Seven That Spells and you might get a pretty good idea. There are… Continue Reading →

Hereza – I Become Death (Godz Ov War Productions)

I don’t have too many releases by bands from Croatia but this second album is sure to start my quest of getting more from bands in obscure places though some are impossible to get and I’ll leave you to ponder… Continue Reading →

Gorthaurs Wrath – War for Heaven (Eternal Sound)

Croatian band Gothaurs Wrath are accredited as a black metal band. Having listened to their second full album “War for Heaven”, I’d suggest that they’ve moved on considerably from this description. Words I would use to describe this album are… Continue Reading →

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