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Devilish Impressions – Postmortem Whispering Crows (Non Serviam)

This three-track EP came with a mountain of accompanying information which I dutifully read. It seems like insecurity to me, and I don’t know why because Devilish Impressions have been upping their game since 2000, evolving their style of symphonic… Continue Reading →

Vesania – Deus ex Machina (Metal Blade)

It’s about time. Vesania entered my psyche with two distinctive symphonic style black metal albums “God the Lux” (2005) and “Distractive Killusions” (2007). Now after seven years, they’re back with “Deus ex Machina”. The titles are spartan: Halflight, Innocence, Disillusion,… Continue Reading →

Asgaard – Stairs to Nowhere (Icaros Records)

I once watched an interview on a dvd in which Hetzer, guitarist and founder member of Polish band Asgaard, suggested that metal music does not have to be for people of limited intellect. I took this as more of a… Continue Reading →

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