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Disastroid – Mortal Fools (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Heavy Psych Sounds is an underground label that continues to gain respect for their signings, and from their name you could well guess the sort of sound that characterised their first forays. However, taking a step away from purely nominative… Continue Reading →

Skulldriver – L.D.C. (Elitbolaget)

Firstly, what a fucking great name for a metal band…Skulldriver….fantastic stuff, up there with Parasitic Ejaculation, Anal Cunt and Cannibal Corpse in self determinism. Band names that evoke and accurately paint of picture as to what you’re likely to experience… Continue Reading →

Ultra Damaged: Damaged Inc. Zine Anthology 1985-2017 – Maniac (Cult Never Dies)

“Wanna buy a fanzine mate?” Ah those desperate calls for beer money at gigs have long gone. No more hawking wares with names like Organ, Dog, P’tahk, Satellite and err Kentucky Fried Afterbirth. The Internet has taken over and the… Continue Reading →

Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown (Nuclear Blast)

Over the years there have been bands that gain cult status in the metal and hard rock community, and some that gain commercial success, either as well as, or instead of credibility amongst the dedicated followers of the form. Corrosion… Continue Reading →

Demon Eye – Prophecies and Lies (Soulseller Records)

Was it really a whole two years ago that I was sitting down at this very keyboard to review Demon Eye’s last rather good release ‘Tempora Infernalia’, I rhetorically ask? Yep, a quick check through the archives of my laptop… Continue Reading →

Desert Kingdom – S/T (Black Bow Records)

New band, new EP, new review to be written, so Desert Kingdom’s eponymous EP gets a spin. But hang on, have I made some sort of technological mistake ripping the album, because whilst the player says ‘You’ll Burn’, my brain… Continue Reading →

XII Boar – Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops (S/R)

Whiskey drenched vocals, Southern state groove and big ass riffs. These are three things you can say about fast rising UK stoner rock three piece XII Boar. Formed in 2010, the three piece have been riffing their way to the… Continue Reading →

Desertfest London 29th April – 1st May 2016, Camden

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, Desertfest London returns this year with an impressive array of bands, promoters and stages, taking over venues such as Koko, The Underworld, Electric Ballroom, The Black Heart and The Dev. Over the course of three days… Continue Reading →

Sourvein – Aquatic Occult (Metal Blade)

Throughout Sourvein’s long and colourful history, spanning more than 20 years, founding member, T-Roy, has fought to keep the band together amidst personal drama and seemingly endless line-up changes. When you look at albums such as ‘Will to Mangle’ and… Continue Reading →

Lightsucker – Zammal (Argonauta)

Finland, like the rest of Scandinavia has a knack for churning out high quality acts often associated with the death metal, black metal, doom metal and power metal sub genres of metal. I’ve brought this question up a few times… Continue Reading →

Conquered Mind – Conqueror (Gegentrend Records)

Germany isn’t a country you wouldn’t normally associate with stoner rock, given how most of its successful musical exports in the metal and alternative umbrella of Music tend to lean towards thrash, heavy and traditional metal and some smatterings of… Continue Reading →

Red Fang – Whales and Leeches (Relapse)

I had bought two Red Fang albums, the eponymous ‘Red Fang’ and ‘Murder the Mountains’ based on the personal recommendation of a very occasional drinking companion Ben Ward (hear that clanging noise folks? It’s a massive name drop!), and whilst… Continue Reading →

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