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Darkrise – Circle Of Failure (Punishing Records)

Quite why I’ve never come across this Swiss act is puzzling such is their relatively prolific discography over the span of about two decades. Though I will rectify that by investigating their back catalogue forthwith as this sixth release sees… Continue Reading →

Damn The Machine: The Story Of Noise Records by David E Gehlke (Deliberation Press)

The year was 1988. And for the past 12 months a large portion of my purchases had been from the catalogue of just one record label: Noise International. I’d realised that I could pick up all the more mainstream metal… Continue Reading →

Horrendous – Anareta (Dark Descent)

Prolific label of renowned quality. Prolific band of renowned quality. Seems a match made in heaven (or hell if you prefer). Dark Descent have become one of THE go-to outlets for quality black and death metal, helped in no small… Continue Reading →

Repulsor – Trapped in a Nightmare (Thrashing Madness Productions)

Some `retro’ style releases are more convincing than others; with some bands you get the impression that they missed the point of the original genre of yesteryear that they are trying  to emulate. Not so with Gdansk-based Repulsor, who absolutely… Continue Reading →

Mortuary Drape – Spiritual Independence (Iron Tyrant)

If you dig deep enough amongst the swathes of generic, identikit black metal bands out there in the world, occasionally you come across a rare treat; a truly original band. These obscure, underground veterans from Northern Italy have been ploughing… Continue Reading →

Dungortheb – Extracting Souls (Great Dane)

Shock horror, here we have a band who have plundered J.R.R. Tolkein’s much ravished chest for their name and they do not play black metal! If you are looking for that go track down an obscure demo by German pagan… Continue Reading →

Loudblast – Burial Ground (Listenable)

Churning out some of the best in European deathly thrash for nearly thirty years – legendary French crew Loudblast are back with ‘Burial Ground’ – their seventh studio album and debut release for Listenable Records. If you’re not familiar with… Continue Reading →

Interview – Hybris

The sound of ‘Heavy Machinery’ is coming and if you like a mix of technical thrash it’s a sound to embrace before it steamrollers over and flattens you. Although a band you may not have heard of the UK based… Continue Reading →

Hybris – Heavy Machinery (Candlelight)

Forming in 2010, Hybris already have quite the pedigree in the UK metal scene. This is due to the fact their members consist of former members of sludge monsters Centurions Ghost, a former member from classic heavy metal crew Stuka… Continue Reading →

Ecocide – The Eye of Wicked Sight (SR)

Every now and then a release arrives in my hands that is such a perfectly distilled slug of heavy metal it provokes a physical reaction. Heart beat quickening, sweaty palms, stupid grin on face… The overwhelming urge to get up,… Continue Reading →

Mortal Form – The Reckoning (My Kingdom)

Every time I’ve heard current bands in the Thrash/Death Metal category it’s always Kreator/Slayer/Morbid Angel/Death (delete as appropriate) by numbers. Like there were only a limited number of Thrash bands towards the extreme side of the genre and it’s best… Continue Reading →

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