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Iron Void – Excalibur (Shadow Kingdom)

Doom Metal might sound like the most earth shattering, misery stricken genre of music ever but there is a certain inoffensive quality about it. Having its roots firmly planted in the beginnings of Metal with Black Sabbath there is surely… Continue Reading →

Magister Templi – Into Duat (Cruz Del Sur)

Cruz Del Sur Music is certainly boosting their reputation as a label to keep an eye on, and fast on the heels of recent release by intercontinental doomsters King Heavy (see Ave Noctum passim), comes Oslo’s own Magister Templi with… Continue Reading →

Anthropia – Non Euclidian Spaces (Adarca)

French progressive power metallers Anthropia have set their sights on a lofty target with this release. A concept album based on the Cthulhu mythos and all things Lovecraftian certainly spells ambition and roping in Arjen Anthony Lucassen of Ayreon fame,… Continue Reading →

Wakedead Gathering- The Gate and The Key (I, Voidhanger)

This Ohio based one man death metal project ‘s second full length is a concept album. Using the stylings of 20th Century Sci-Fi Horror maestro H.P. Lovecraft as a muse ‘The Gate and the Key’ tells the tale of an intrepid… Continue Reading →

Nephren Ka – The Fall of Omnius (Kaotoxin)

When someone said to me `Dune influenced death metal’ I leapt at the chance to give this a listen. Call me strange if you like, but I enjoy metal albums with overblown fantasy concepts. With a lavish sci-fi cover, and… Continue Reading →

Monsterworks– Earth (Eat Lead and Die Music)

Monsterworks are a slippery bunch in a good way in that not only do they experiment quite wildly with musical genres but also with a very refreshing and intelligent approach to subject matter. Whilst the music may occasionally suggest traditional… Continue Reading →

Averse Concept – Symbol of Loss (SR)

Well, this certainly flipped the script on me. On the surface of things, this was to be just a regular common or garden black metal release for reviewing, which upon listening to I would be washed away in a sea… Continue Reading →

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II – Future Sequence (Metal Blade Records)

Perhaps I was in a weird mood the day I agreed to review this album, but it’s not a decision I regret. Having never heard of Between the Buried and Me, I went into this with an open mind. This… Continue Reading →

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