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Them – Manor Of the Se7en Gables (SPV)

Trans-Atlantic Power/Thrash outfit Them have returned once more, bringing with them another host of supernaturally inclined songs detailing the continued trials of the warlock K.K Fossor. 2016’s ‘Sweet Hollow’ began this tormented tale and it continues on at the Manor… Continue Reading →

Operation: Mindcrime – The Key (Frontiers)

1988, a young heroin addict named Nicky met with Sister Mary and the enigmatic Doctor X and rose through the ranks of a shadowy organisation before he was imprisoned for his deeds. This story, filled with social observations and criticisms… Continue Reading →

Master Massive – The Pendulum (A Metal Opera) (Vicisolum)

Master Massive are a very enigmatic band. There isn’t much information floating about on the internet about them and the press sent with this release was less than helpful. After some digging, I managed to discover that the foundations for… Continue Reading →

Defying – Nexus Artificial (S/R)

Defying are a 4 piece progressive metal band from Poland who formed in 2008 and “Nexus Artificial” is their first effort at a full length album after the 2010 “Portraits” Ep. What makes this release interesting is that it is… Continue Reading →

Silencer – The Great Bear (Vanity Music Group)

This is a concept album based around the Soviet/US space race in the 1950’s/60’s, Silencer are from Denver, Colorado in the United States and have been active since 1998. Whereas their early material is noted as being death/thrash, even power… Continue Reading →

Opera Diabolicus – 1614 (Metalville)

Formed after a chance meeting between David Grimoire and Adrian de Crow at a stage performance of Umberto Eco’s book “The Name Of The Rose” the two met up and decided to do a concept album based around the same… Continue Reading →

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