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Nocturnal Breed – The Whiskey Tapes Germany (Folter Records)

This here is one of those releases that the band describe as ‘for the fans’, the die hard fans describe as ‘rare and unreleased’ and the rest of us describe as an ‘odds n sods’ collection. As such it’s pretty… Continue Reading →

Sepulchral – Back from the Dead (Great Dane Records)

This is a compilation of material from a French death metal band that started in 1989 and released a couple of demos and a spilt release. This compilation brings together everything except their first demo. Of the 10 tracks in… Continue Reading →

Sanctuary – Inception (Century Media)

Not a new album – quite the opposite! This is actually how it all started, this is how the band sounded before they were signed, before Dave Mustaine’s mentor-ship, before…to put it into a musical time context, these tracks were… Continue Reading →

Soilwork – Death Resonance (Nuclear Blast)

This is a very interesting oddity. I thought I owned everything by Soilwork but I hadn’t taken account of the extra tracks, which were added to the Japanese release of “Stabbing the Drama” (2005), “Sworn to a Great Divide” (2007),… Continue Reading →

University of Brutality – Worldwide Compilation (Kings Of Decay)

Those of you who are fans of the Brutal Death Metal, Slam, Deathcore and Beatdown sub genres are about to pig squeal in delight, as the sick and twisted minds behind Kings of Decay, Slam Crew World Wide and Brutal… Continue Reading →

Various Artists – Metal Massacre 14 (Metal Blade)

If you listened to metal in the 80’s, the metal massacre compilation releases were an essential source of new bands and material coming from various corners of the world, many becoming household names. Metal Blade’s first release in 1982 was… Continue Reading →

Dark Managarm – 2005/2015 A Decade of Terroreign (Mortis Humanae Productions)

One no doubt unintended outcome of this work is that if you show photos of people in corpse-paint over a ten year period, there’s no ageing process. So before I started to listen to this French band’s historical collection, I… Continue Reading →

The Damned – Fiendish Shadows & Punk Oddities And rare Tracks (Westworld)

Oh look…it’s your old mates The Damned, back with something…erm…old! Wot?…well you weren’t expecting a new record were ya? Instead, Westworld Recordings have dusted down and re-released the live album ‘Fiendish Shadows’ and the compilation album ‘Punk Oddities And Rare… Continue Reading →

Winterfylleth – The Fathers of Albion An Anthology 2007-2013 (Candlelight)

While focusing on career retrospectives for likes of Darkthrone and Emperor, it’s easy to forget that there are newer bands, closer to home, building up their own respectable discography right under our noses. Candlelight black metal stalwarts, Winterfylleth, have rapidly… Continue Reading →

Putrid Offal – Mature Necropsy (Kaotoxin)

I like simple stuff. I’m no musician (I think my guitar teacher Jack would agree) and I can’t get into hyper technical metal. Stuff that gets guitar nerds worked up into a frothy mess tends to leave me cold. I… Continue Reading →

Hooded Menace – Gloom Immemorial (Doomentia)

Whilst being nowhere near the likes of Nunslaughter in the ‘fuck me, how many releases? How am I gonna ever own all that?’ stakes, Finnish atmospheric doom / death titans Hooded Menace still have a respectable smattering of super-limited edition… Continue Reading →

October Falls – Kaarna (Debemur Morti)

October Falls’ work has always been close to nature. In more recent times, ambient reflection has given way to harshness and fire. “Kaarna” however harks back to acoustic days, giving us an “assemblage from nature mysticism, a sonic walk in… Continue Reading →

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