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Turmion Kätilӧt – Global Warning (Nuclear Blast)

Finnish Industrial outfit Turmion Kätilӧt hail from Kuopio and their name literally translates to ‘Midwives of Ruin’. They’ve been doing the rounds for the best part of 2 decades and have finally got their big break with a signing to… Continue Reading →

Pain – Coming Home (Nuclear Blast)

A lot of metal fans are a quite dismissive of Pain. I’ve heard Peter Tägtgren’s (pretty much) one man band as ‘cheesy industrial electro-rock’, a sort of ‘Rammstein-lite’ or ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Kovenant ’. Now if you’re one… Continue Reading →

Primitive Race – S/T (Metropolis Music)

I had a primitive race once; kid at infant school tripped me over and broke my egg so I battered him round the head with my wooden spoon. The judge said as I was in my 20’s this was particularly… Continue Reading →

The Monolith Deathcult – Bloodcvlts (Season Of Mist)

Tetragrammaton, the last full length from these Dutch chaps changed the way I looked at Death Metal. Their bombastic approach and use of a cinematic feel, coupled with Optimus Prime (not a Transformers geek at all but the guy has… Continue Reading →

Combichrist – We Love You (Out Of Line)

Being a fan of Combichrist’s brand of aggrotech, I was massively disappointed with the direction they took on last year’s album and computer game soundtrack ‘No Redemption’, where they eschewed their usual aggressive techno-industrial stance in favour of tepid and… Continue Reading →

Suicide Commando – When Evil Speaks (Out Of Line)

Bridging the gap between the electronica and industrial genres is where we find the aggrotech bands. For those of you not already familiar with the term, aggrotech is very basically a harsh form of electronica with a dark and oppressive… Continue Reading →

Minority Sound – The Explorer (Metalgate)

When this arrived I was somewhat entranced by all the cover art which suggests something from space plummeting to earth. It was especially profound as we were getting reports of meteor showers lighting up the skies and I was starting… Continue Reading →

Faith No More (and some other stuff), Sonisphere France, Amnéville, 07/07/2012

A little background: Obviously Sonisphere UK was cancelled this year, and from the outside looking in, it seemed squarely down to greed. To change the format from a two day event with a fair number of decent bands to a… Continue Reading →

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