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Axis Of Despair – Contempt For Man (Southern Lord)

A bit of background here as this Swedish grindcore act has been around for about five years and has released two EPs during that time but also the band is comprised of three ex-members of Coldworker, Oskar Pålsson (bass), Joel… Continue Reading →

Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot (Metal Blade Records)

Death fucking metal! We love it right? We love proper death metal don’t we? Not bullshit slammy pig squealing comedy bollocks but true death metal, and if the it comes from Sweden then the chances are it’s gonna be the… Continue Reading →

Interview – Cut Up

As with so many of the cool opportunities contributing to Ave Noctum has afforded me, interviewing a former Vomitory member is something my younger self could never have envisaged. Asking man mountain Ulf Dalegren to sign my CD back in… Continue Reading →

Cut Up – Forensic Nightmares (Metal Blade)

Vomitory were a band I first got blown away by when they played with Cannibal Corpse at the Camden Underworld in 2000, in support of their excellent ‘Redemption’ album. Although I stopped shelling out for their CDs some years back,… Continue Reading →

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