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Coal Chamber

Skulldriver – L.D.C. (Elitbolaget)

Firstly, what a fucking great name for a metal band…Skulldriver….fantastic stuff, up there with Parasitic Ejaculation, Anal Cunt and Cannibal Corpse in self determinism. Band names that evoke and accurately paint of picture as to what you’re likely to experience… Continue Reading →

Devildriver – Outlaws ‘Til The End (Napalm Records)

Dez Fafara doesn’t do things by half, and if the late Neil Armstrong was still with us today, I’m sure he would replicate his famous quote in order to embrace Devildriver’s latest venture, “one small step for man, one giant… Continue Reading →

Devildriver – Trust No One (Napalm)

Back in the early 2000’s, Nu Metal was booming, baggy jeans, chains, terribly dyed spiked hair… Don’t shake your heads, some of us thought that was cool! Anyway, for those of us who embraced the nu metal period, having grown… Continue Reading →

Demons of Old Metal – Dominion (S/R)

UK five piece Demons Of Death Metal were formed by veterans of the UK Metal gig circuit according to their bio on the interwebs. They apparently sling some solid sounding grooves and have formed this band to get them back… Continue Reading →

Butcher Babies – Take It Like A Man (Century Media)

Butcher Babies are a five piece hailing from Los Angeles and currently ready to unleash their second album. Forming in 2010, the two girls who handle vocals and three guys bring a brand of nu metal meets groove meets djent… Continue Reading →

Coal Chamber, Soil, The Defiled, Dope – Manchester Ritz, 30/5/15

Originally, this was supposed to be American Head Charge instead of The Defiled, but the band which always seems to be plagued by personal troubles had to pull out which dented the appeal of the night for a fair few… Continue Reading →

Coal Chamber – Rivals (Napalm)

Nu-Metal, one of the things many people my age were into at some point or other. Whilst it was ridiculed by fans of other sub-genres and fiercely defended by those who worshipped it, the ‘black sheep’ of the metal family… Continue Reading →

The Hate Colony – Navigate (Trondercore)

Hailing from Trondheim in Norway and proving that the area has many more styles played by the bands in the area than the obvious ones people would expect The Hate Colony describe themselves as ‘metalcoreish.’ The biog also mentions that… Continue Reading →

White Empress – Rise Of The Empress (Peaceville)

Well here’s something to upset anyone who quickly read the words ‘Symphonic’ and ‘Female-fronted’ and were hoping for another Nightwish! It’s not happening here kiddies, this is Symphonic Extreme Metal where Luna Mortis singer Mary Zimmer handles ALL vocal styles… Continue Reading →

Almost Human – ø (Suisa)

Not to be confused with various other ‘almost humans’ this lot are the Swiss version who simply class themselves as a metal band. Obviously there is a bit more to it than that as this nicely packaged card EP designed… Continue Reading →

DevilDriver – Winter Kills (Napalm)

I remember reviewing the first DevilDriver CD, but didn’t realise that it was 10 years ago already, or that they’ve released 4 other albums for that matter. The easy part of the review for me is that their style hasn’t… Continue Reading →

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