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Interview - Twelve Boar

Interview – Twelve Boar

Ladies and gents, many in the world of metal, particularly the extreme side of things that Ave Noctum regularly feature, can sometimes be seen from the outside world (and pretentious insiders too!) as “grimm”, “kvlt”, and total strangers to the idea of anything that is.. Read More
Antisect – The Rising Of The Lights (Rise Above)

Antisect – The Rising Of The Lights (Rise Above)

Old crustbags never die, it just smells like it. Ah yes Antisect, the original squat the lot Anarcho punks have a hell of a history behind them which stretches right back to 1982 and has somehow resisted and existed and strived to survive through thick.. Read More
Hypnotic Drive – Full Throttle (S/T)

Hypnotic Drive – Full Throttle (S/T)

Five-year old French stoner quartet Hypnotic Drive have been banging out the power grooves since 2012. Think Clutch, Karma To Burn, Red Fang and you’ll get the picture. They don’t hold back and they make no excuses. Pushing the limiter from the outset, “Five Regrets”.. Read More
Temple Of Lies - The Serial Killer Suite (Attic Records)

Temple Of Lies – The Serial Killer Suite (Attic Records)

Hot on the heels of 2016’s “From Sands”, Temple Of Lies have wasted no time in taking advantage of the creative juices that have been flowing. Indeed, “The Serial Killer Suite” finds these Leicester lads in quite rude health. I managed to catch them live.. Read More
Jackie D - The J Spot (Infected Records)

Jackie D – The J Spot (Infected Records)

OK before I start let’s just shift this here elephant out of the room; that’s a terrible cover and this day and age I’m not convinced there’s an excuse unless it’s deliberately bad. Thankfully this isn’t an art review. Sadly, and there’s no way to.. Read More
HARK – Machinations (Season Of Mist)

HARK – Machinations (Season Of Mist)

Bewildering. It can be a good or a bad description. I think the last time that word fell to nicely summing up music for me was Mastodon’s ‘balance point’ album Blood Mountain; the one where their sludge based heaviness still counterbalanced their burgeoning prog urges... Read More
Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band - Tao Of The Devil (Napalm)

Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band – Tao Of The Devil (Napalm)

“I got all that I need… I got the green…” These are the ten words which open this album, and adequately serve as a synopsis of what to expect. Stereotypical? Perhaps.. But when you look at the mastermind behind this release, the legendary Brant Bjork,.. Read More
XII Boar - Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops (S/R)

XII Boar – Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops (S/R)

Whiskey drenched vocals, Southern state groove and big ass riffs. These are three things you can say about fast rising UK stoner rock three piece XII Boar. Formed in 2010, the three piece have been riffing their way to the top, blending the thunder of.. Read More
Valient Thorr - Old Salt (Napalm)

Valient Thorr – Old Salt (Napalm)

There are two sides to every story and sometimes it’s not entirely clear which side is the true version of events. Whether it is about a group of beings hailing from Burlatia, Venus, set on destroying the world through the medium of ‘badass rawk’n’roll’ after.. Read More
Raw – From the First Glass to the Grave (Aural)

Raw – From the First Glass to the Grave (Aural)

When I saw the band was called Raw and they write songs titled Death waltz and Chopped Em Up I was expecting loud raging death metal. Thank fuck that is not what I got. Raw are a two piece from Calgary Alberta that blues from.. Read More
Cybernetic Witch Cult - Spaceous Cretaceous (S/R)

Cybernetic Witch Cult – Spaceous Cretaceous (S/R)

Every now and then, the big boss at AveNoctum HQ decides that we could do with another release once they’ve all been dished out and for the majority of those extras sent over, they’re pretty decent. Now this isn’t an omen or a doom of.. Read More
Broken Hand Charity – Gotterdammerung (S/R)

Broken Hand Charity – Gotterdammerung (S/R)

Danish outfit, Broken Hand Charity have been kicking about since 2008 and have always done their own thing their own way. Currently in the middle of recruiting for a drummer and a bassist, the Danish alternative rock outfit have a unique approach, playing tracks which.. Read More