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Hekate – Totentanz (Prophecy)

Hekate, who have been around since 1991, are one of Germany’s better known neofolk or dark folk bands. They play a mixture of folk, medieval and classical music, using historical and classical instruments, but also synthesizers, thus creating their very… Continue Reading →

LÜÜP – Canticles of the Holy Scythe (I, Voidhanger)

While LÜÜP may be the brainchild of Greek composer and multi-instrumentalist Stelios Romaliadis, it’s far from a solo project and while I usually comment on individuals on each song, a quick look at the discography on their official site where you… Continue Reading →

Les Chants Du Hasard – S/T (I, Voidhanger Records)

It has been an extremely long time since I’ve actively enjoyed listening to an album that contains no guitars, bass or drums. So long, in fact I cannot actually remember when it was. Well Hazard has changed that all on… Continue Reading →

Mono – Requiem for Hell (Pelagic Records)

Japanese post rock quartet mark their 17th anniversary with the release of 9th studio album ‘Requiem for Hell’. Heavily influenced by experimental rock and shoegaze, Mono are best known for their incorporation of contemporary classical music, noise and minimalism in… Continue Reading →

Mons Veneris – Sibilando com o Mestre Negro (Altare Productions)

I didn’t realise Portugal had its own ‘black circle’ of like-minded artists but apparently it does. Personally I find the whole thing a bit of a schoolboy kvlt clique and don’t take much notices of such collectives but as far… Continue Reading →

Interview – Obsequiae

Aria Of Vernal Tombs, the second album from strangely named US act Obsequiae is certainly a breath of fresh air and quite different from most music around at the moment. Melding what seems like two separate timeframes together and seamlessly… Continue Reading →

Obsequiae – Aria Of Vernal Tombs (20 Buck Spin)

I really enjoyed the debut album ‘Suspended In The Brume Of Eos’ from Minnesotan band Obsequae. Both the band name and the album title projected a real sense of intrigue and mystery before I even heard a note and luckily… Continue Reading →

Goatcraft – The Blasphemer (I, Voidhanger)

I was not just surprised by Goatcraft’s 2013 debut album All For Naught, but also rather taken with its idiosyncratic approach of sole member and US based Lonegoat obsessively hammering away at his piano with little other accompaniment. This approach… Continue Reading →

Interview – Fyrnask

Long gone are the days when one man metal projects languished in obscurity and failed to meet the mark, with overbearing scratchy vocals drowned in reverb while a drum machine ran riot in the background. Since Vice’s airing of ‘One… Continue Reading →

Tarja – Victim Of Ritual (earMUSIC)

So a new Tarja album is underway and 30th August is the time that her legions of fans can anticipate ‘Colours In The Dark’ dropping. In the meantime some of them (and to say she is popular would be an… Continue Reading →

Interview – Persefone

Persefone have just released their fourth album “Spiritual Migration”. It is a complex work containing elements of a number of metal genres, its heaviness and turbulence being supported by light, classical and orchestral moments. Andrew Doherty interviewed Carlos Lozano, the… Continue Reading →

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