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RealmBuilder – Blue Flame Cavalry – I Hate

Righto, I’ll admit straight away, I’m confused by this CD. An American two piece multi instrumentalist studio album only band (as far as I can tell, please prove me wrong if they tour), on a small Swedish label, producing a… Continue Reading →

Manilla Road – Invasion (Shadow Kingdom)

There are some albums which I find difficult to grasp the nettle of how to review them. Case in point is Manilla Road’s 1980 debut Invasion. Basically if you’re a big fan you’ll have this already in one of its… Continue Reading →

Coven – Worship New Gods (Shadow Kingdom)

What we have here is the debut album of Detroit’s Coven (so yeah, not the occult rock Jinx-Coven) – otherwise also known as Coven 13. Self-released on vinyl in 1987 (under Crom Records moniker), the full-length never received particularly broad… Continue Reading →

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