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Cirith Ungol – Forever Black (Metal Blade)

Cirith…. What? Really? THE Cirith Ungol? The legendary 80s US band? That eccentric, original, ground-breaking metal band? After nearly 30 years? That Cirith Ungol? Fuck me. It is. Oh, lords of chaos, bless me… Yeah. Yeah it is. And with… Continue Reading →

Lord Vigo – Danse De Noir (High Roller Records)

Ghostbusters 2. A movie that is often forgotten about by nostalgists. It lacks the Marshmallow man and the first glimpse of Slimer, but I enjoyed it on release and subsequent surprise viewings on T.V. The villain of the piece was… Continue Reading →

Legendry – The Wizard and the Tower Keep (High Roller)

Pittsburgh’s Legendry have already made a name for themselves in the epic metal underground, a term used a lot I know, but if you are already immersed into the works of Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol, then chances are you… Continue Reading →

Savage Master – Myth, Magic and Steel (Shadow Kingdom)

This is the bands third full length album, a band with an image and they are a driving force in traditional metal circles. I have said before in earlier reviews, but think Bitch and Acid, then you are nearly there…. Continue Reading →

Smoulder – Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring (Cruz Del Sur)

Canadian epic doom/US power metal at it modern finest is how I would best describe Smoulder. This is a band I once again discovered trawling through an online music platform.  It’s no doubt that their influence comes from Solitude Aeturnus,… Continue Reading →

Twisted Tower Dire – Wars In The Unknown (No Remorse)

Look up the words ‘stalwarts’ and ‘diehards’ and the dictionary should say ‘see also Twisted Tower Dire’. With three of the five having been together since 1997 – Mark Stauffer (drums), Scott Waldrop (guitars and ultra marathons) and Dave Boyd… Continue Reading →

Tyfon’s Doom – Emperor’s Path (Gates Of Hell Records)

Tyfon’s Doom will probably be a new name to many. They are a Finnish one man Heavy Metal project and this is the full length debut after last year’s well received EP “Yeth Hound” (It turns out that a Yeth… Continue Reading →

Night Demon – Darkness Remains (SPV)

I have been a long-time supporter of this band, so with album number 2 up for grabs, it’s a no brainer for me to review this, no surprise to those who know me. This American band have toured for what… Continue Reading →

Dread Sovereign – For Doom The Bells Toll (Van)

For some reason or other we appear to have missed promo duties on 1st Dread Sovereign album ‘All Hell’s Martyrs’ in 2014. This was somewhat careless considering the band comprise of A.A. Nemtheanga and Dubh Sol from Primordial along with… Continue Reading →

Khemmis – Hunted (20 Buck Spin)

Woah. I guess folks review metal albums for all sorts of reasons. Me? I do it principally because it keeps my brain ticking over when I’m not being mentally battered at work, and I like writing about things. I also… Continue Reading →

Visigoth – The Revenant King (Metal Blade)

Visigoth are a cool epic metal band from Salt Lake City in the States, roll forward a few years since they first caught my attention and we have a major label signing, a new logo and new music…but not in… Continue Reading →

Mausoleum Gate – ST (Cruz de la Sur)

Now this got me excited I must say – ‘true’ heavy metal citing such legendary acts as Cirith Ungol, Uriah Heep and Warlord as influences, cloaked in the sort of obscure, dusty post-NWOBHM atmosphere that I personally find so intoxicating,… Continue Reading →

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