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Scythe – Beware The Scythe (Primitive Reaction)

Scythe – Beware The Scythe (Primitive Reaction)

Formed from the ashes of Chicago based thrash bruisers Usurper, Rick Scythe has a new project simply called Scythe, a no nonsense heavy metal band that more or less continues where Usurper finished off. There are no frills here, its straight heads down heavy metal.. Read More
Kommandant - The Draconian Archetype (ATMF)

Kommandant – The Draconian Archetype (ATMF)

Chicagoans Kommandant first fired across my bows with their Kontakt EP back in 2010 via Planet Metal Records. At the time I declared that the disc gave me a cataclysmic short sharp shock and left me wanting more and finally it has come via ATMF.. Read More