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Church Of Misery

Nightstalker – Great Hallucinations (Heavy Psych Records)

Despite being a band since 1989, I must confess that this is my first time with veteran Greek outfit Nightstalker. On the basis that I liked the name of the album, and the cover art was pretty cool, I thought… Continue Reading →

The Order of Israfel – Red Robes (Napalm)

With doom legends Candlemass releasing an EP to showcase relative new boy Mats Levin it seems an appropriate time for a bit of reflection on the ways of heavy metal with a gravitational force. Doom in recent years has explored… Continue Reading →

Church of Misery – And Then There Were None (Rise Above)

In the twenty plus years of their existence, like pretty much any band Church of Misery have had some ups and downs; few can be as dramatic as in 2014 when three of the four members quit the band, leaving… Continue Reading →

Horisont – Odyssey (Rise Above)

Horisont go Prog! OK, it’s not a sonic U-Turn or anything, just a natural progression (pun intended) of their existing style, but here on “Odyssey”, Prog Rock is definitely in evidence from the start in it’s keyboard sprinkled, dual guitar-throwing,… Continue Reading →

Zothique – Faith, Hope And Charity (S/R)

I really enjoyed the last self-titled and second album from Japanese nutters Zothique. It kind of came out of nowhere as has the follow up, unexpectedly arriving in the post all the way from the Far East. Zothique do have… Continue Reading →

Nomad / Wort – Split (Red Valley)

“The music scene is dying!” is a gripe that’s often heard from many a jaded music fan – you know the ones; they go to big arena concerts, organised by faceless promoters and don’t bat an eye at paying £6+… Continue Reading →

Zothique – The Shadow Of Linxia (SR)

It really surprises me some of the far flung and obscure bands that find their way to us. This CD came unannounced all the way from Japan with a very polite message asking for review consideration along with biography and… Continue Reading →

Interview – The Order of Israfel

Doom metal seems to get better and better these days and so it shouldn’t be a surprise when the genre casually throws up a band like The Order of Israfel totally out of the blue. Well, not quite out of… Continue Reading →

The Order Of Israfel – Wisdom (Napalm)

The Order of Israfel covers a pretty wide range of the doom spectrum from the gothic fantasy of early Candlemass, through the heavy chords of Sabbath and Cathedral to the more versatile, sinking-into-the-sofa vibes of stoner bands like All Them… Continue Reading →

Interview – Of Spire And Throne

With the third excellent EP ‘Toll Of The Wound’ from the Edinburgh based ‘slow bludgeoning’ entity that is Of Spire & Throne out on Broken Limbs, we were keen to see what made this lot so interesting and what kept… Continue Reading →

Helhorse – Oh Death (Mighty Music/Target)

Danish band Helhorse have been making a good bit of noise in the scene recently and all sorts of people had been telling me to lend them an ear. So here we are and within seconds of the perfectly titled… Continue Reading →

Unmothered – ST (SR)

Not so sure about not giving this album a self title I would have plumped for ‘Bastard.’ Unmothered – Bastard would be a perfect combo. So what exactly have we got here then? Well this is the first release from… Continue Reading →

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