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Methedras – System Subversion (Pavement Records)

Writing for Ave Noctum is never a chore. Sure on the odd occasion I get sent stuff that I would normally swerve like Neo in The Matrix dodges bullets but over the last few months it’s opened my ears to… Continue Reading →

F.K.Ü. – 4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers (Napalm)

F.K.Ü. (that’s Freddy Kruger’s Ünderwear to the uninitiated!) return once more for their fourth album of crazy, horror inspired fun thrash metal (let’s face it – their lyrics were never going to be pondering deep meaningful issues or attempting to… Continue Reading →

Rocking Corpses – Rock ‘N’ Rott (Abyss Records)

Mixing blues, rock and death metal really shouldn’t work at all, but on the whole it does on this debut from Finnish zombie rockers Rocking Corpses. Comprised of the duo Tony D.K. on vocals/guitar and Leper Laze on vocals/bass. Drums… Continue Reading →

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