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Impending Doom – The Sin and Doom Vol II (Longbranch)

I did not know anything about this band when I requested to give it a spin. The blurb promised a heady mix of Death metal Grind and Hardcore. My interest was piqued. Now I must say having listened to The… Continue Reading →

Extol – Extol (Indie)

Hailing from Norway, a place more famous for its church burnings than Christian metal bands, the now reduced to a trio group have released four albums prior to this one. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never crossed paths… Continue Reading →

Stryper – Second Coming (Frontiers Records)

Famed and ridiculed for their beliefs and Christian values, Stryper (“Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace, Encouragement and Righteousness”) have always been more about their lyrics alone, certainly to me anyway. ‘Second Coming’ features two new tracks and fourteen re-recorded versions… Continue Reading →

Stryper – Live In Indonesia at the Java Rockin’ Land (Wienerworld)

People will look at the band name and immediately form a particular opinion, but love them or ridicule them, Stryper were and are (having reformed in 2005) a valid, genuine heavy metal band. Their lyrical content may not be to… Continue Reading →

Interview – Sabbath Assembly

There is an undeniable interest in 70’s retro occult rock at the moment but you cannot really lump Sabbath Assembly in with that glut. Theirs is more ‘cult rock’ and the cult is one at the forefront of things and… Continue Reading →

Solace and Stable – The Systematic Erosion of Integrity (SR)

Solace and Stable are self-proclaimed “progressive metalcore bruisers” from Kansas City. What I heard after a deliberate start was an explosion into brutal death growls with incongruous colourful technicality going on in the background. There’s a touch of Suspyre there,… Continue Reading →

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