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Alfahanne – Atomvinter (Indie Recordings)

Alfahanne are an anomaly. When the Swedes offered up their debut “Alfapokalyps” in 2014 interest was piqued due to the members being ex members of well respected black metal bands and the plethora of cult figures they brought in as… Continue Reading →

Christian Death, Darkcell & The Creeping Terrors – London Underworld 25/5/19

Always a pleasure to have Christian Death in town and fair play to the cult American act they always seem to manage to stop off in London for a visit. Things had not started well for them though and one… Continue Reading →

Devil Master – Satan Spits On Children Of Light (Relapse Records)

Well here’s a big slice of frantic metal joy! Devil Master are a quartet hailing from Philadelphia that play an unholy mash up of blackened death metal and punk with a liberal dollop of goth rock – think Nunslaughter playing… Continue Reading →

Deth Crux – Mutant Flesh (Aural)

Being a music nerd is more than being into one genre. As broad as Metal can be I cannot limit myself to that alone, and I’m not talking about dipping a toe into the likes of AC/DC, Rush or other… Continue Reading →

Tony Tears – Demons Crawl At Your Side (Minotauro Records)

Since covering the extensive three and a half hour boxed set ‘Music From The Astral Worlds (2000-2014)’ I seem to have adopted Tony Tears for review duties as well as picking up Abysmal Grief, a project that he and fellow… Continue Reading →

Christian Death – Atrocities and The Scriptures (Season Of Mist)

Kind of breaking my own rules here of not covering reissues (too much new music) by download but truth is I have been on a Christian Death-trip lately and wanted to have the excuse to properly listen to an album… Continue Reading →

Christian Death – Hoxton Square Bar 19/11/15

Embarking on an intensive UK tour and playing some very intimate shows in odd places Christian Death have managed to drag me to no man’s land in hipster Hoxton tonight. Enveloped in a foul chocolate vape cloud from some beardy… Continue Reading →

Christian Death – The Root Of All Evilution (Season Of Mist)

Unless you had caught them on tour over the last couple of years you may have thought that Christian Death were finally errr dead! Not in the slightest it would appear as Valor Kand, Maitri and Jason Frantz are finally… Continue Reading →

Sabbath Assembly – S/T (Svart)

There has been a lot of interest in The Process Church of The Final Judgment of late including a new film about the strange religious cult from the 60’s and 70’s. Therefore it at first seems somewhat strange that after… Continue Reading →

Strange Here – II (Minotauro)

We like Strange so let’s see exactly what we have Here! Well this Italian duo have ties back to the countrie’s very rich and fertile doom origins with the brother of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Scardavian (Gilas) having been vocalist… Continue Reading →

Fatalism – Mystery Of Death (Eternal Death)

Interesting all round here. Firstly this EP was presented in a small clamshell case (as was one by Tare delivered with it) containing a mini 3” CD and a cassette both with the recorded material on. This is a really… Continue Reading →

Christian Death, Manflu & Puffer – London Garage 14/5/14

Sometimes it makes things more interesting knowing nothing about support bands and it allows you to go into watching them without any preconceived notions. Both the ones on the bill tonight were unheard of as far as I was concerned… Continue Reading →

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