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Lord Mantis – Death Mask (Profound Lore)

The last album by Lord Mantis 2012 release ‘Pervertor’ was a rancid, vile seething mass of corrosive guitar work and scathing vocals so as soon as this appeared I was quick to grab it and throw it on my review… Continue Reading →

Mount Salem – Endless (Metal Blade)

When is an EP not an EP? When you add two tracks to an already 34 minute EP I guess. Still, label and band call it an EP so we’ll just think of it as good value, eh? Right. So… Continue Reading →

Indian – From All Purity (Relapse)

For people not seasoned to the harshest and most frightening reaches of the doom branch of the metal genre, Indian may come across as a rather uncomfortable and intimidating experience. However, it is in these conditions that the band thrives… Continue Reading →

Bones – Sons Of Sleaze (Planet Metal)

These days a lot of what passes for metal is gutless (and nutless), processed, over produced bollocks. God forbid we should hear the drummer getting tired and making the odd mistake, nah we want it super perfect so we trigger… Continue Reading →

Scythe – Subterranean Steel (Primitive Reaction)

Few bands exemplified heavy metal like Usurper. With their no nonsense, full bore approach to their calling, they were like a Manowar that you didn’t feel ashamed to enjoy and it was a sad time when they decided to call… Continue Reading →

Disappears – Era (Kranky)

Disappears get reviewed by the likes of Mojo which is not the case with many other bands I review I suspect. Strangely this snippet of PR info fills me with unease and my hipster bone begins to ache in warning…. Continue Reading →

Locrian – Return To Annihilation (Relapse)

I have varied tastes in metal even if it veers heavily towards NWOBHM, classic metal, raw/atmospheric black metal and true doom. I have no problem with bug fuck weird, painfully introverted, ambient or screeching noise. I love Neurosis. I love… Continue Reading →

Starkill – Fires of Life (Century Media)

Furiously paced melodic death metal is an oversubscribed club these days but when it’s done with such panache the door is always open. Influenced by a host of bands, which mostly ran out of steam a few years ago, these… Continue Reading →

Hessler – Comes with the Territory (SR)

Chicago female fronted rockers ‘Hessler; haven’t given up on the scene yet. Having given them a so-so review last year, I was excited that they wanted me to receive and hear their second release ‘Comes with the Territory’ ‘Waste away’… Continue Reading →

Drug Honkey – Ghost In The Fire (Diabolical Conquest)

My first encounter with Chicago based band Drug Honkey was with their 2008 Death Dub album and I certainly liked what I heard finding it uncomfortable listening, quite filthy and experimental and also unique. Silence until an email turned up… Continue Reading →

Master – The New Elite (Pulverised Records)

Paul Speckmann, mastermind (if you’ll excuse the pun) of Chicago’s Death Strike and Abomination, returns to blast the world with another exercise in old-school death metal; ‘The New Elite’ marking album number eleven for Master. Consisting of the same line-up… Continue Reading →

Scythe – Beware The Scythe (Primitive Reaction)

Formed from the ashes of Chicago based thrash bruisers Usurper, Rick Scythe has a new project simply called Scythe, a no nonsense heavy metal band that more or less continues where Usurper finished off. There are no frills here, its… Continue Reading →

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