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The Joy Thieves – This Will Kill That (Armalyte Industries)

Could we have a new industrial super-group combo in the vein of Pigface? Well it would seem that way as The Joy Thieves have on the lead up to debut EP ‘This Will Kill That’ been naming names involved in… Continue Reading →

Usurper – Lords of the Permafrost (Soulseller Records)

From the mist-covered eerie at the top of Castle Ave Noctum, Thee Editor sends trained bats bearing lists of albums to be reviewed down to the homes of the loyal staff. Now, being a cove of advanced age, most of… Continue Reading →

Kommandant – Blood Eel (ATMF)

The raging gas masked war-machine from Chicago are back. I have been faithfully following musical orders from Kommandant since they sent in their 2010 EP Kontakt, a couple of albums have followed and the band have collaborated on a host… Continue Reading →

Interview – The Atlas Moth

This interview is one of several which was originally done for a printed publication. Due to production problems it never saw the light of day so is being published here along with several others over the coming week or so…. Continue Reading →

The Atlas Moth – Coma Noir (Prosthetic Records)

The Atlas Moth. I had heard of the band before, but somehow, I’ve managed to fully ignore their music so far, even though the band is making the type of music that usually sparks my interest. Hailing from Chicago in… Continue Reading →

Professor Emeritus – Take Me To The Gallows (No Remorse)

Combining the talents of members from several bands on Chicago’s underground metal scene such as Satan’s Hallow, Moros Nyx and Tiger Fight, this new beast under the moniker of Professor Emeritus has finally dropped their debut album, “Take Me To… Continue Reading →

Locrian – Infinite Dissolution (Relapse)

A record that earmark’s Locrian’s shift away from their early days of slow, ambient noise and drone, ‘Infinite Dissolution’ is arguably the Chicago/Baltimore trio’s most accessible work to date; not so much a progression or change in sound, but an… Continue Reading →

District 97 -In Vaults (Laser’s Edge)

Chicago based progressive metal band District 97 have received critical acclaim for their work so far with members of/formerly of the likes of King Crimson, Asia, Transatlantic, Yes and Genesis all singing their praises along with Rolling Stone magazine throwing… Continue Reading →

Kommandant – The Architects Of Extermination (ATMF)

I have been following and enjoying the work of genocidal USBM group Kommandant since they first made Kontakt with us via their 2010 EP. Their second album ‘The Draconian Archetype’ followed on from that in 2012 and got the comment… Continue Reading →

Disappears – Irreal (Kranky)

So we are more in Pitchfork than Iron Fist or Terrorizer territory here but we like to mix things up a bit and Disappears sound is certainly one that I am au fait with. I have fleeting memories of their… Continue Reading →

Starkill – Virus Of The Mind (Century Media)

“Starkill Starkill shining bright, is this band a bag of shite?” Well, no, actually far from it, I was just wondering if the band’s Press Release would be more entertaining if that was all it said. But that aside, if… Continue Reading →

Wolvhammer – Clawing into Black Sun (Profound Lore)

2011’s ‘The Obsidian Plains’ is a helluva album to have to follow, however, considering the superstar line up of the Minneapolis/Chicago trio that is Wolvhammer – Jeff Wilson (ex-Krieg and Nachtmystium), Adam Clemans (ex-Iron Thrones and Veil of Maya) and… Continue Reading →

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