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Solicitor – Spectral Devastation (Gates of Hell)

“Speed Kills”! The motto often mentioned by this band, the music of course matches this statement. Solicitor are an American band (Seattle) and have made a name for themselves in the underground scene over recent times. I was supposed to… Continue Reading →

Flotsam And Jetsam – The End Of Chaos (AFM Records)

Now, while I know that Flotsam And Jetsam have been around for a really long time and have plenty of albums under their belt, the only one I’ve ever actually heard before is ‘No Place For Disgrace’, and that was… Continue Reading →

Evil-Lÿn – Disciple of Steel (No Remorse)

Tampere, Finland is a talented place, many bands I know come from there and Evil-Lÿn are another one. A traditional heavy metal act formed 11 years ago, with a debut EP behind them in 2012. If you like Enforcer, Chastain,… Continue Reading →

Leather – II (High Roller)

A mere 29 years after her first solo album, the legendary Leather Leone returns with a follow up, backed by a group she refers to as The Boys From Brazil as that was where they were drawn together. If you… Continue Reading →

Nightmare – Dead Sun (AFM)

Some bands from “back in the day” have a habit of drawing on past glories, relying on their name and back catalogue to keep interest in the band alive. The NWOBHM era is a bugger for it to be honest,… Continue Reading →

Vicious Rumors – Concussion Protocol (SPV)

To say Vicious Rumors are back implies they have been away, which in fact they haven’t. So I’m not saying it. Vicious Rumors have never split up y’see, though for some of those years since their impressive debut back in… Continue Reading →

Air Raid – Point of Impact (High Roller)

Air Raid return with a fresh singer compared to the line-up I witnessed live in Germany at the Keep It True Festival last year. ‘Point of Impact’ is their third full length release and is slightly more melodic than previous… Continue Reading →

Crystal Viper – Possession (AFM)

Polish female fronted metal band Crystal Viper have returned with this concept album following up to the remarkable ‘Crimen Excepta’ album released some 18 months ago. The concept is based around a girl called Julia which is pretty much like… Continue Reading →

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