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3 From Hell – Rob Zombie (Lionsgate)

Well the release of this is somewhat overshadowed by the passing of one of this trilogy of film’s most loveable stars Sid Haig. So much more than just a bad tempered, homicidal clown the veteran actor had appeared in nearly… Continue Reading →

Ancient VVisdom – Deathlike (Prosthetic Records)

Ancient VVisdom are a band whose reputation is certainly as dark as their music; their debut release ‘Inner Earth’ was a split with the infamous Charles Manson before they exploded onto the scene in 2011 with their first full length… Continue Reading →

Sabbath Assembly – Ye Are Gods (Svart)

There is more to this than mere music oh brethren, thee process is thee product and to get to the sound itself first we must embrace the ideology. So, Sabbath Assembly were formed in 2009 (and regrettably this scribe missed… Continue Reading →

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