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Lucifer’s Child – The Order (Agonia)

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere ‘The Wiccan’, debut album from Lucifer’s Child impressed no end. No surprise about that really as the Greek band comprises of members of Rotting Christ, Nightfall and Chaostar instrumentally along with the singer from Karma… Continue Reading →

Chaostar – The Undivided Light (Season of Mist)

Returning for the second release on Season of Mist, SepticFlesh guitarist Christos Antoniou’s Chaostar’s fifth album, ‘The Undivided Light’, is definitely an eclectic mix of genres that befits the “Avant-Garde Ambient Classical” moniker given by the record label. Joining Christos… Continue Reading →

SepticFlesh – Codex Omega (Season of Mist)

The problem with reviewing a new SepticFlesh album is expectation and having to pick it apart. As in, I have to be objective and meticulous and point out what could’ve been done to make things better. For example, is the… Continue Reading →

Les Chants Du Hasard – S/T (I, Voidhanger Records)

It has been an extremely long time since I’ve actively enjoyed listening to an album that contains no guitars, bass or drums. So long, in fact I cannot actually remember when it was. Well Hazard has changed that all on… Continue Reading →

Enemy of Reality – Rejected Gods (FYB Records)

Soprano. For many it will conjure up images of James Gandolfini collecting his newspaper in suburban New Jersey. Or Dame Kiri Tikawana warbling over an introduction to a Rugby international. For me, the word evokes images of Bianca Castafiore the… Continue Reading →

SepticFlesh – Titan (Season of Mist)

It’s a rare occurrence that I don’t want to review an album. But not for the reason you may think. In this instance it’s pure selfishness. If I don’t review this, then no-one else gets to read about it and… Continue Reading →

SepticFlesh – Ophidian Wheel (Season of Mist)

I’m not certain how many have noticed, but this is the third re-release this year by Season of Mist of the Septic Flesh back catalogue. Yes, there was a space in the name when the albums were originally released. ‘Ophidian… Continue Reading →

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