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Grave Lines – Fed into the Nihilist Engine (New Heavy Sounds)

Since the release of 2016’s ‘Welcome to Nothing’, South-eastern four-piece Grave Lines have been met with critical acclaim, earning themselves a space on the line up for Desertfest 2017, as well as support slots for the likes of Oathbreaker, Ufomammut… Continue Reading →

Black Moth – Anatomical Venus (Candlelight Records)

Black Moth is a band that I’m glad to say I’ve been following for a good long while, seeing at shows as far apart as when they played with Uncle Acid and the Shovell lads in 2014 in Glasgow, to… Continue Reading →

Dead Existence – Endless Misery (Black Bow)

“What have you made of yourself? Are you proud? Is anyone else?” bellow the vocals on ‘Worthless’. This is the fourth track of ‘Endless Misery’, sophomore album from London sludge/doom metal hatemongers Dead Existence. If you’re reading those lyrics and… Continue Reading →

The Earls Of Mars – ST (Candlelight)

I have had great fun witnessing The Earls Of Mars live a few times and seeing people stagger out of the show at its conclusion with dazed looks on their faces, not knowing quite what they have heard and witnessed…. Continue Reading →

Interview – Hybris

The sound of ‘Heavy Machinery’ is coming and if you like a mix of technical thrash it’s a sound to embrace before it steamrollers over and flattens you. Although a band you may not have heard of the UK based… Continue Reading →

Hybris – Heavy Machinery (Candlelight)

Forming in 2010, Hybris already have quite the pedigree in the UK metal scene. This is due to the fact their members consist of former members of sludge monsters Centurions Ghost, a former member from classic heavy metal crew Stuka… Continue Reading →

Moss – Horrible Nights (Rise Above)

I haven’t really crossed paths with Moss since Cthonic Rites and Sub Templum. It wasn’t a great falling out, just that rather like Centurion’s Ghost they were a band I totally understood why they had so many enthusiastic fans but… Continue Reading →

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