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Diabolical – Eclipse (Indie Recordings)

21 years and four full length releases later, amongst a splattering of EP’s a demo and a live album, sees this Swedish blackened death juggernaut spawn a new creation, namely ‘Eclipse’. Diabolical describe this as a concept album, which reflects… Continue Reading →

Hanging Garden – Hereafter (Lifeforce)

Well, this new EP is a bit of fun…OK, maybe not “fun”, that’s too up-beat for a Dark Gothic Doom Metal band named Hanging Garden…so let’s plump for engaging shall we? Last year’s “Blackout/Whiteout” opus was released only last year… Continue Reading →

Volturyon – Cleansed by Carnage (ViciSolum)

The 2 notable changes in line-up since I reviewed their 2011 release are Alexander Högbom on vocals and Oskar Pålsson on bass with the original 3 members Christian “Crille” Netzell on drums, Johan Gustafsson on guitars and Andreas Olander on… Continue Reading →

Diabolical – Umbra (ViciSolum)

Swedish progressive death metallers Diabolical have returned after a three year gap since their last LP ‘Neogenesis’ with this four track EP ‘Umbra’. Now I’m not overly familiar with Diabolical’s material and I do tend to like my death metal… Continue Reading →

Centinex – Doomsday Rituals (Agonia)

Could it be that Centinex are back? Why, it certainly seems so. For extreme metal fans of a certain age, Centinex are one of those bands who were a big name in Swedish death metal in and around the nineties,… Continue Reading →

Demonical – Black Flesh Redemption (Agonia)

The Swedes of Demonical have been spreading their death metal filth since 2006 when members of the persistent yet workmanlike Centinex sought a fresh outlet for their talents. In its time, the band has unleashed four well received albums and… Continue Reading →

Centinex – Redeeming Filth (Agonia)

With the nineties’ death metal scene in Sweden being one of the more overcrowded genres of times past, Centinex were still a force to be reckoned with and after an eight year silence, the band are back with an album… Continue Reading →

Demonical – Darkness Unbound (Cyclone Empire)

Sometimes the passage of time seems to pass extremely quickly. I mean, it seems like only yesterday that Swedish crew Centinex were consistently delivering excellent Swedish death metal, and I lamented their loss just as much as the next slave… Continue Reading →

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