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Schramm – Jorg Buttgereit (Arrow)

It’s odd how things become more acceptable as time goes by, especially in the film world where perhaps what occurs in real life makes the censorship of art seem less necessary. Still who would have thought that Jorg Buttgereit’s quartet… Continue Reading →

Interview – Wound (2010) director David Blyth

 Wound is a film I recently reviewed on this site; an independent film from New Zealand that can best be described as psychological surrealist art-horror. It’s a film that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers, and thankfully director… Continue Reading →

A Look ‘Inside’ – French Extremity Part Two

Having looked at the origins of French genre cinema and seen that a proactive Gallic style in both sleaze and gore quickly emerged we are now heading to a time where any subtle sensibilities were dispatched with and a seriously… Continue Reading →

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