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Cauldron – New Gods (Dissonance Productions)

Cauldron are back with latest offering, “New Gods”. Since forming in 2006, they’ve a string of full length albums and EP’s to their credit. The band continue to explore the classic era heavy metal sounds inspired by the likes of… Continue Reading →

Gravebreaker – Sacrifice (Gates of Hell)

With the sinister artwork for this release, I was expecting a darker experience from this Swedish band. However, what you end up with is traditional metal in modern terms, taking their inspiration from Priest and Accept and I have actually… Continue Reading →

Blizzen – Genesis Reversed (High Roller)

Last year’s ‘Time Machine’ EP was a good starting point, although it seems there were too many comparisons to bands from their German homeland for their liking, admittedly I did this comparison on the earlier review of the said EP…. Continue Reading →

Cauldron – In Ruins (High Roller)

Canada’s Cauldron have become an institution on these shores of recent years, having moved over to the much respected, more music orientated High Roller Records, this their fourth full length that sees the band solidifying their sound and for me… Continue Reading →

Blizzen – Time Machine (High Roller)

Blizzen are another fresh band from Germany playing heavy/speed metal that’s got a touch more class than some of the bands out there. Long awaited and on the right label, this band have some killer tunes. From the opening speed… Continue Reading →

Axxion – Wild Racer (High Roller Records)

Axxion (pronounced Action) is a new Canadian metal band heralding stereotypical alter egos as common in traditional metal circles. You may know of Alison Thunderland (drums, vocals) and Sir Shred (lead guitar, vocals) as ex-members of Skullfist, so you can… Continue Reading →

Alpha Tiger – Beneath The Surface (Century Media)

Germany’s Alpha Tiger reckon that they’re showing that you don’t have to be ancient to play true, traditional heavy metal. Well I’m sure Bullet, Enforcer, Cauldron, Wolf, Dark Forest, In Solitude and dozens of others would be intrigued to know… Continue Reading →

Kryptos – The Coils of Apollyon (AFM Records)

I really enjoyed this bands second album ‘The Ark of Gemini’, but this latest effort, their third, takes India’s Kryptos to a completely different level. By this I mean that the bar has been raised significantly since switching to AFM… Continue Reading →

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