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Cannibal Corpse

Endseeker – Flesh Hammer Prophecy (FDA Records)

Endseeker are a relatively new phenomenon, with just 3 years under their belts, which undoubtedly will be laden with bullets, in keeping with true metal tradition. Endseeker first teased us with the EP ‘Corrosive Revelation’ back in 2014, and subsequently… Continue Reading →

Cannabis Corpse – Left Hand Pass (Season Of Mist)

I like pro-wrestling. I find it absurdly entertaining and, like any wrestling fan I have my favourite characters. One of those is The Undertaker.  “that’s all very well Mark you wanker, but this is supposed to be an album review… Continue Reading →

Moss Upon The Skull – Scourge of Ages (S/R)

Belgian death metal? Why, Ambassador, you spoil us. This is the first 6 track EP from the five chaps from Brussels, and they’ve clearly decided that you need to experience them free of any expectations of which type of death… Continue Reading →

Necroblood – Collapse of the Human Race (Iron Bonehead / Amor Fati)

Necroblood’s first full length release Collapse of the Human Race is an absolute tour de force of an album. If wonderfully catastrophic blackened death with a smattering of grindcore thrown in is your thing, then Collapse of the Human Race… Continue Reading →

Obituary – S/T (Relapse Records)

You don’t need me to waffle on about how good Obituary are. Over the past 30 odd years they haven’t made a duff record. Sure some have been better than others but in a similar way to veteran bands such… Continue Reading →

Six Feet Under – Torment (Metal Blade)

For twenty four years Six Feet Under, piloted by Chris Barnes, have been hammering away at our ears with, on the whole, pretty decent groove based death metal – leaving aside the four “Graveyard Classics” albums that were a total… Continue Reading →

Neverlight Horizon – Dead God Effigies (Great Dane Records)

A Belgian death metal band that’s been going since 1999, and I’d never heard of them? How rude! Sent to me by the fine people at French record company “Great Dane Records”, this promo came in a rather nice digipack… Continue Reading →

Sinsaenum – Echoes Of The Tortured (earMUSIC)

If you tot up the amount of bands past and present the sextet of artists this lot have been involved in you are going to hit the 50 mark. Prolific they certainly are and they should be on the whole… Continue Reading →

Blood Red Throne –Union Of Flesh And Machine (Candlelight)

Flying the Norwegian flag for death metal Blood Red Throne have doggedly survived various genre insurgents since their formation and release of their debut album at the turn of the new millennium. Often overlooked even though the band has had… Continue Reading →

Rogash – Malevolence (War Anthem)

Formed in 2009 in the far reaches of Jena, Eastern Germany, Rogash are a five piece band who deliver a crushing style of death metal which seems to bridge the gap between the American and Scandinavian styles of playing this… Continue Reading →

Antropofago – Aera Dementiae (Kaotoxin)

Whenever I get French extreme metal bands to review my first thought is to throw away the rule book and await the twisted ingenuity that often comes with them. However this death metal project rests firmly on solid tested ground… Continue Reading →

Abhorrent Deformity – Entity Of Malevolence (Comatose Music)

Hailing from North Carolina and forming in 2013, Abhorrent Deformity are the latest of a series of explosive sounding brutal death metal bands who are cropping up and making waves with their relentless and uncompromising approach. Consisting of members who… Continue Reading →

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