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Onkos – Onkos (I, Voidhanger)

The world of metal certainly doesn’t avoid difficult subjects, or subjects the majority of people shy away from. In fact, you could say metal seeks those subjects out. Yet, the album at hand takes difficult subjects to an entirely new… Continue Reading →

Cancer – Shadow Gripped (Peaceville)

It’s pretty telling that with Cancer you have to mention that fourth album. Their first three early nineties albums were pretty darned well received and are still rightly held in high esteem by many fans of death and thrash metal…. Continue Reading →

Incineration Festival 2018 – Photo Gallery (London Dome and Boston Arms)

There was an unfortunate and total lack of communication regarding Incineration Festival this year which resulted in a reviewer with SLR down for the event. We won’t say more than that on the issue but one of our team was… Continue Reading →

Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror (Relapse)

When both current and former members of Exhumed, Possessed and Malevolent Creation unite to create a sound that pays homage to the forefathers of death metal, you know you’re pretty much guaranteed an audible pleasure. American death super group Gruesome… Continue Reading →

Cradle of Filth – Total Fucking Darkness (Mordgrimm)

  The ultimate Marmite band in Metal. Adored by hordes hated by more and that’s the way uhuh uhuh they like it (I am sure) . The Hadleigh Horrors ™ are many things but they can never be ignored ,… Continue Reading →

Monumentomb – Ritual Exhumation (S/R)

A foreboding chanted intro piece with fire crackling noises and other effects gives some sense as to the direction this UK band is expected to head with their debut offering. A grim but organic sound opens the title track and… Continue Reading →

Arrogant Destruktor – Hate Legions Ride! (S/R)

Featuring Anaal Nathrakh drummer Steve Powell on session drums, and roping in Carl Stokes of Cancer to record and mix this, ‘Hate Legions Ride!’ sees the triumphant return of Birmingham’s two piece black metal hate squad Arrogant Destruktor. Instantly picking… Continue Reading →

Interview – Andy Pilkington Headbangers Balls

I guess that as a subculture, a family, whatever, that as metalheads we like to think we have guts. Balls. Regardless of gender. We constantly use it about the musical drug of choice we prefer, about friends, about the ones… Continue Reading →

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