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Asphyx, Decrepid & NahemiA – London Underworld 25/3/17

There are no shortage of extreme Polish bands that have washed up on our shores and tonight’s proceedings kick off with one NahemiA now based in London. They may well be a black metal band on an otherwise death metal… Continue Reading →

Mercenary, Omnium Gatherum, Wretched Soul – Camden Underworld 12/9/13

Four hairy men from Kent took to the stage. Wretched Soul had even brought a little fan club with them to the Underworld tonight. This helped the atmosphere along but the band did their bit with potent riffage and impressive… Continue Reading →

Candlefest – Altar Of Plagues, Xerath, Zatokrev, Kontinuum, Crown, Ancient Ascendant, The Earls Of Mars – Camden Underworld 24/8/13

The second day of the Candlefest sees an eclectic mix of bands including a few that I have never seen and a headliner playing their swansong. It was an early start as one band I did not want to miss… Continue Reading →

Candlefest – Anaal Nathrakh, Palehorse, Voices & Hybris – Camden Underworld 23/8/13

Since the first Candlefest I never really assumed it was going to be a yearly event but it seems to be very much a part of the calendar now with this showcase of bands on the Candlelight roster stepping up… Continue Reading →

Marduk, Immolation & Supports – London Underworld 29/9/12

This was one of those mix it up and throw extreme black and death metal bands on a tour together kind of thangs. Whilst some moaned about not wanting to see all of the bands, as far as business sense… Continue Reading →

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